1 year unicycling! With my new KH

I have been riding in 1 year now! and just got my new KH, so i celebrate with a vid! its awesome, its my best vid ever!

plz coment here and on the youtube site

Nice, your bag of tricks is getting pretty big for only one year. If you get some of those tricks a bit cleaner you will be doing very well. Sweet varial, I still have trouble with that trick.

I’ve almost been riding for a year now…you’re doing much much better than I am!

Was fun to watch the vid too, nice job!

Wow i really wish that ihad learnt tricks in a simialr order to you!! as i still cant crankflip but can do other random things like sex changes and full varials and stuff, i think that if i had learnt crankflips earlier it would make it so much easier to learn new tricks… nice video mate, very good for only one year riding!!