1 year unicycling video!

i made a video to celebrate my 1 year of unicycling. it shows the first videos i’v made and how i progressed over the year. the music is by one of my teachers so make sure you go to the website for the music!!!

I cant get to it, it just says an error occured please try again later?Is it just my laptop or is everyone having this problem? :roll_eyes:

Same here. It looks like you’ve learned pedal grabs though, so ‘good job’. G:

nice video and good job!

it said error when i clicked it but if you go to youtube it works

K i finally got to see it :wink: Apart from my computer lagging al the time its looks quite good. Have u been unicycling the whole year or has there been a few months were it has been left in the corner:p

not trying to be harsh but,ease up on the pre-hops learn to do still stands and your riding will look alot smoother.

well for 3 months i had been doing MUni so i have only been doing trials for 8 months but i ride alot i can sidehop up 4 pallets now to!

not bad man;)