1 Pedal?!?!

yesterday while riding my 24 with 155’s i was trying to uni-spin (miserably failed by the way) and was compressing the tire. Than all of the sudden the hub snapped and pop goes the crank. Anywho, is there a name for this “type” of uni and if not post suggestions here.


My idea is “Idiots Wheel”
(sorry if that offends anybody)



Glidable…:stuck_out_tongue: It would be good to know what brand of unicycle your have, you know, there’s a ton of different brands of unicycles here…

o i just have a norco which are made with very little quality so there just for learning

That’d be terrible for gliding. It’d be so unbalanced.

Norcos are cheap. I broke one, then I thought they were super good so I brought the “M’uni” one, and I broke it in 3 weeks.

More challenging then :roll_eyes: