1 Of My First Rides On My KH20.

Here is a vid I made today…Not good editing really…I just threw it all together…Sooo ya…Here It Is

Enjoy. And please leave comments.


Mmmm, Bedford Unicycles, very nice!
You really should come out to the Toronto Unicyclists Club some time, http://www.torontounicyclists.ca. Too bad they’ve been having issues securing a meeting area, however it is a great club! Be nice to ride with you some time. (shakes fist) Stupid neighborhood, nobody rides trials :roll_eyes: .

Nice. But you told me you didn’t have a uni, even up 'till yesterday, and never said you were about to get this new one.

Ya sorry I just got it yesterday evening…Sorry but i guess i wouldnt be buying yours.

Yes I went to the Toronto Unicyclist once to try it out that time at the Gym…I was there…But ya I was going to join but Darren told me that they didnt have insurance for the Gym…But I will come when they get that…Were you the guy with a KH20 and you tried Mike Thalers BC wheel when you were leaving?

Nah, I was the guy (on the KH20) out back riding by the stairs. There were a few of us, fun times!
But I never tried Mikes bc. Looks fun though.

Ohhh and did i ask you if you were able to hop up that ledge near the stairs?

Maybe (I wouldn’t have been able to though), hehe.

Ohh were you goofing around with that guy with the Torker DX…doing that small line that you guys were trying.

Yup, thats me.

thats cool isaac

haha thanks…

ya got the bedford shirt too:D

Ya Darren gave it to me when I bought my uni…I like it alot.

Cool, that is a really nice uni.

What’s the name of that song? I love it but I can never figure out what its called.

I think its Grits - My Life Be Like

you know i can appreciate a good rolling unispin. great vid.

Thank you.

It is called Ooh Ahh.

Hey ya its Grits - My Life Be Like. You could download it off of Cr3ation B3ta probably or Limewire probably.