1 month since I've started!!!

Wow…it’s been a very productive month…It’s hard to believe I just started one month ago
I just went out, and jumped up my first curbs…I’ve gone from hanging onto the fence for dear life, to being proficient and riding, and static hopping, and jumping up/over stuff…Looking back, it feels so much longer than jsut a month…it’s a great feeling though
Thanks to all of you for being so supportive, and accepting…I can’t think of any other forums where newbies are welcomed like they are here…I’m glad to be part of it

glad to hear your doing so well…i wasnt doing that good after my frist month…im into it almost 6 months and im still just almost done level three…your doin good.

thats whats so great about this forum or unicycling in general…new comers are welcomed and encouraged…i know alot of skate boarders that are jerks 2 beginners same goes for most things but this forum is so great

thank you unicyclist.com and its citizins


Thank god that unicyclists are actually nice people

Cool. You’ve come a long way in just a month. And monkeyman is a fantastic screen name.

Standing on the porch fight club style until you are let inside the house is useless when you realize people just wanna have fun, its good to have some competition to help you but modesty evolves the sport through creative and confident new manuevers that can be shared with other enthusiasts.

Wow, you must’ve had a very good teacher to have come so far in only a month. Kudos to him.


Yes, kudos to all these people on unicycle.com…without them, where else would I be? It’s not like I had a personal teacher or anything

It’s not like you had a personal SHUT THE HELL UP.

wow dude…that was mean.

Lol, it’s all in jest. We’re friends in real life.

oh ok that didnt seem like something you would say anyways.

Heheheh…if you thought that wasn’t nice to say even to a friend, you would faint at listening to us actually talk.

believe me its the same way with me and my buddy. if we had to edit for content we wouldnt be allowed to say a word.


It’s even worse when all 6 of us guys (all best friends) are together in one place.

i think its the best when we get out of a really bad movie…we’ll spend hours making fun of it and have more fun then we ever did watching it.

Hah, yeah. We’re all going to a roller-skating party this saturday night for another friend of ours. How long do you think it’d take us to get kicked out if we had our unis? :smiley:

Oh, and I like how we completely hijacked this thread.

oh well it was boring anyways…lol. yeah i would so bring my uni. and when they tell you to get out say its discrimination and file a complaint or sumthing. hahahaha.

lol so i take it u like uni-ing

hey you…no jacking the thread back to the origional topic.