1 hour 15 minute ride, 0 stupid comments!

Wednesday I had to stay up at school for a few extra hours to go to a book
reading. I decided to take a ride around campus on my uni. There were some
good ledges to ride on, bridges, very steep hills, and a good assortment of
urban obstacles. I was riding at Southwest Texas State University in San
Marcos, which has over 22,000 students. I saw and passed many people, not
one of them gave me the usual “hey, half your bike is missing,” or “the
circus is that way.” In fact, I don’t think anyone actually noticed me at
all, which was great. When I started out my knees were wobbly from being
nervous about how I thought everyone would react, but no one did, and I was
able to have a great ride. It’s odd, where I live I get all the usual
remarks, but just 20 miles north people are totally indifferent. I just
want to commend everyone there for not acting like typical gawkers.