1 footed

got it!

just got my first ever 1 footed ride! i managed 7 revs on the wheel then foot bak on the padal and rode off!

now with the other foot!!!




Learning the other foot took me only about 5-10 minutes to get down after I could do the other foot. Good luck to you, and congrats. You should have it in no time.

Good work mate.

Just managed to freemount my Xmas pressie 29" for the first time today (still need both feet though!).

Awesome. I still have trouble readjusting a foot if it gets a little out of position. I think one foot is still quite a ways off for me.

i finally got one foot this week too! after half an hours play i could manage 100 yards no problem. yesterdya i tried the other foot and fell flat on my arse lol.

nice one dude.

wheel walking and gliding next for me i think!

1 foot? no feet?

yer wheel walking is on my list of new years resolutions!

"ste70, you got a "29er for crimbly then? maybe when it gets a bit warmer we should all get 2 gether?

whats the difference between coasting and gliding?

Gliding is riding the unicycle while maintaining balance using only the breaking action of one foot. Coasting is riding with both feet on the fork (like in my avatar) or one foot on the fork and one extended, and without touching the wheel in any way. You keep balance by leaning back and forth. Coasting is about ten times as hard as gliding.

im working on my left foot (taking me a while, tho), and im trying to go 1 mile w/ my right (blasted un-level ground!) :angry: