I am just barely learning to do 1-footed riding. Does anybody have some words of wisdom?

I learned it this way:
I started riding with medium speed and then always took more and more weight on the foot , with whom i wanted to drive.
then i took of the other foot and tried to pedal as normal.
It’s important to keep the ,uhmm… pedaling as round as possible.

How are you starting out? Are you puting the foot on the fork or are you sticking it out? I learned by just taking it off a little more every time. Then one day I decided to try to put it on the fork and it worked. I didn’t start off by a wall I just rode and tried it but becareful because it hurts when you fall. :stuck_out_tongue: But thats how I did it. If anyone else has a better solution go for it.

I found learning to 1 ft idle first helpful.

I also, gradually took more and more weight off one foot. I t worked well. Remember that you’ll need enough speed to keep the pedal coming back up on the other side.


Try not to punch the power peddle too hard–just learn to let the wheel roll with an easy stroke, even when you’re peddling 1-footed up hill. Once you get it, you’ll find you will get much more fluid and consistant (not falling off) over the next few months, to where you can peddle 1-footed on trails et al. Every time out, whenever you have a straight stretch, bust out the 1-footed riding. This is a great trick so stick with it.


bending at the waist a little instead of sitting too upright seemed to be helpful to me.


I also learned 1ft idling first.
When i idle i put my foot on the fork and when i ride 1 footed i just remove it from the area where the free pedal rotates.

I learned how to 1-foote on a small hill, more painfull whipouts, but a lot faster than learning on flat ground. If you do learn on a small hill remember to wear a helmet and gloves!

I spent some time trying to learn to ride one footed on blacktop parking lots. I wasn’t making much progress. Then I went to a local unicycle meet and got the opportunity to ride indoors in a gym on a nice smooth floor. In a few hours I was riding around one footed and even idling one footed. The smooth gym floor made all the difference.

My advice, go find a gym to practice in. The smooth floor makes it much easier to keep the wheel rolling through the dead spot.