1 foot WW -- tips requested

My wheel walking is getting pretty good so I’ve started practicing (sort of) 1 foot ww prepatory to learning how to glide–my long term goal. Any pointers on how to start practicing 1 foot ww? I tried it against a wall but this felt restricting. Do you just go for it in the open road, with nothing to lean against?

Seems really sketchy when my foot is not kicking the tire. I can get a few kicks in and then fly off like I’m spring loaded.


Hey you sound like me!

I hear that not using a wall is good. But I like the controlled feeling you get from starting on a stationary object.

I have tried going from WW to 1FWW and, when done smoothly, it feels really good. Your body is already oriented at the proper direction and you’re already moving, which helps.

So, in short, don’t listen to me as I am in the same boat as you, and this post added nothing of value to this thread.:slight_smile:

first let me assume you are a proficient wheel walker (2 feet).

i learned 1ftww without a wall, tho i am not sure this is the most effective way to learn. i would go from ww to 1ftww in my driveway. eventually i just went straight from pedals to 1ftww (i raised my right foot first, pushed off on the wheel, then brought my left foot up and rested it on the frame. this whole process took maybe 1/2 second)

you dont need to be an expert at 1ftww to be able to glide. i got impatient and learned how to glide when i could only do about 5 pushes in 1ftww. now that i can glide i am much much better at 1ftww.

try to just put the ball of your foot on the crown. you dont want it to get in the way when you start gliding.

hope this helped, i was in your exact position a month ago.


hello. i have recently learned to glide, and my one foot wheel walk is pretty good. when i only knew how to 2ft. ww, one foot was hard. in comparison to regular riding, i found that for 2ft. ww you have to lean back to compensate for your legs being in front of you. in one foot ww, i find i have to lean a tiny bit more forward than usual.
For the control, i found its easiest to use my non, dominant foot to push.(i dont know why this works, it may be different for you) start off slow, as in push small even strokes, to maximize your foot/tire interface time. this will give you greater control over the wheel. as you get better you can use stronger, longer pushes and be in control, which is how it leads to gliding. hope this helps. you too Kev.

Mine and Andrew Carter’s wbesite www.unicycle.2ya.com has tips on 1 foot ww - aswell as gliding and a hole heap of other stuff that might help you. Take a look.

Don’t wear cheap shoes.