1 foot wheel walk. need tips

I can wheel walk with both feet fearly well and can get into 1 foot wheel walking but can only do it for a few metres or so. Is there any thing that will help apart from practice? I am doing this on a qu-ax trials uni.

lean back, look forwards (not down) get the feel of the kick, dont go too fast/far or not far/fast enough. practise.
good luck!

It took me a long time to get the basics of 1-ft-ww. Didn’t help that I didn’t practice.

It’s all about learning foot control and learning the right touch on the tire (not too much and not too little). Helps me to point my foot down and keep the foot pointed down as much as possible. When the foot flattens out or when the heel gets too close to the tire I lose it. The big hurdle is learning the foot control and the muscle memory so you can do it without thinking. Once you get that the skill is yours.

im currently learning 1 foot wheel walking as well. i find the best way is to look forwards, keep your body up straight and have your arms spread out to keep your balance easier.

iam learning too

and what i have find is the same from tomtrevor

I’m in the 1 footed ww learning stage also…
One thing I find for me is not to forget to twist as needed to keep your balance the way you would with two footed.
I think John has it right with the “muscle memory” as I really only started to practice yesterday and spent an hour doing only 1ft ww today and by the end I was able to go 10 feet easily.(on a 20" lx)

learn 1ft ww quickly so you can get onto gliding :wink:

how do you get into the position for one wheel walking? i can do regular wheel walking but i just cant get into the right position so its just 1

go for the ww 2 foots and them just put one foot on the frame

I suggest starting off fromt he wall or other poletype thingymajig.

eidt: hehe, I said poletype thingymajig… :wink:

i start going on one foot and get my balance sorted out i go kinda slow so i can move my feet fast enough to match the wheel’s speed.

is it easier to do one foot wheel walking up a hill down hill or on flat? i ask this because wheel walking with 2 feet is easier up hill

If you try going uphill you start rolling backwards when you drag your foot back to start the next push.
If you try going downhill you are getting in to gliding territory.

Practice on a nice flat area with a smooth and clean surface. An underinflated tire might make it easier to learn with, but I’m not sure about that.

Dust and dirt on the surface will also make it more difficult because your shoes and tire will pick up the dust making the friction between your shoe and the tire different. That changes things a lot.

the other day i did my first glide. I was going one foot and i just stuck my other foot on the crown. I didn’t do the thing where you drag your foot. (i will try next time) but i got about 5 meters

I’d definitely work on gliding at the same time if I were you, and experiment with different speeds. It’s much easier to balance and to go longer distances and turn when you’re going quite fast and gliding quite a lot of the time, rather than 1ft wwing slowly, which takes much more effort to balance. And if you’re doing it on a trials, have you raised your seat quite a bit? If you can borrow a freestyle you’ll probably progress a bit faster, although it’s not too hard with a trials tyre.

Also for anyone who has trouble getting into it I think it’s actually quite tricky to go from 2ft to 1ft wwing when you’re learning it, it’s much easier to start with 1ft straight away, either from holding a wall or maybe 1ft idling.

I think my furthest is about 40 metres, at which point my leg starts to get tired, and I’d suggest

  • start from a wall; transitioning from one-foot-on-frame idling isn't difficult once you've got the hang of it. (This seems the reverse of 2ft ww, where starting from idling was helpful).
  • go at a decent speed. not so fast you're trying to kick the wheel forwards as fast as you can before you fall off the front, but I reckon I go at least as fast as when I 2ft ww. At first I was trying to balance going really slowly, with the wheel basically not moving when I was moving my foot back, and didn't get anywhere (that's way harder, have seen it done tho), but when I started going faster (dragging your foot back along the tyre a bit) it suddenly got a lot easier.
  • I'd imagine a freestyle tyre (I've got a Primo Wall) will be easier than a muni tyre 'coz it'll be easier to twist and steer sideways.
  • Flat is easiest. Slightly downhill might be ok but I've not found a gradient shallow enough that I'm not gonna be gliding down it, and that's a different story...

Think I’m basically agreeing with others here :slight_smile: . What I would say is that it’s all about the momentum of the wheel - this is the biggest difference vs 2ft ww (which is just about moving your feet in the reverse direction to pedalling, and balancing using your arms). A 20" wheel may not have much compared to a coker (?!) but it still has quite a significant amount.

Once I learned to 2-foot WW slowly, 1-foot WW seemed almost trivial. I suggest that you practice 2-foot WW more slowly.

what do you mean by trivial :thinking:

I mean that it followed naturally without much extra effort. It took me several months to learn 2-foot WW, but it only took me a week at most after that to pick up 1-foot WW.

Im learning now! I can almost do it consistently. Im sort of working on gliding at the same time by kicking harder and sliding my foot on the tire to slow myself down. If you can call that gliding. Im pretty close but one question: how do you go straight from riding to gliding? do you put your foot on teh frame first or on the tire to slow yourself?