1 foot riding

Part of the way I learned was by being rubish and having my feet slip of the pedals and despriatly trying o recover from that. Go on, roll hop to one footer off that curb :wink:

One footed Pedaling and Foot Position Shifts.

I have now been doing one foot pedaling for a while. It is not one of the most usefull skills but it does give loads of balance that translates into MUni mastery!

Don’t try to take your foot off cold turkey. Find a parking lot or basketball court and just ride in a strait line using less pressure on the foot that you want to take off the pedal. Keep on doing this each day using less and less pressure. eventually you will be able to just take the foot off. Keep in mind that with shorter cranks it is easier to learn one footed pedaling. However with longer cranks it is easier to get the foot back on again. I don’t put my foot on the crown of the frame. I just press the side of my knee to the side of the fork and keep my shin parallel to the ground about an inch above the pedal. I did not use a wall or a fence. I can now one foot pedal for quite some distance and turn both left and right one footed. I should practice more and learn to do small figure 8s. I will also eventually get around to putting my foot up on the frame but that is hard because my seat is so low for Trials riding. I basically got the Idea to try to ride one footed after doing foot adjustments on the pedal. Basical I was taking the foot right off the pedal for a fraction of a second! Also keep in mind that when doing one footed pedaling you are actually just about coasting through the dead zone of the pedal rotation! If I get my ass in gear I feel that the one footed pedaling will develope into wheel walking and gliding and coasting!