1 foot riding

Since you guys can do this and I can’t I thought I’d ask for help. How did you learn to ride with one foot. I cannot get myself to lift the foot off the pedal to even try. I try to lift it off on the upstroke but I can’t seem to do it. Did some of you hold on to fences and stuff? Any help would be appreciatedd. I will learn this.

i can 1 foot ride and idle, but i may not be the best at explaining it:o . but ill try anyway…here it goes:

to get the foot off, just commit, and do it when your foot your keeping on is at the top or on its way down. then push rather hard with the foot thats staying on to get the momentom(spelling :thinking: ) up to get your foot through the “dead zone” at the bottom. then lighten up on the padaling foot so that too much eight doesnt go to the ons side.use the rest of your body to compensate for the “off balance-ness”. keep the momentum(again :thinking: ) going to get your pedaling foot back up to the top, and try not to put weight on it so that you push it backwards. and then one your back to the top, repeat.
it may seem that you are hitting the “dead zones” but with time you will learn how to lighten up and compensate your weight. i also forgot to mention the obvious, put your non used foot on the frame.

in addition to all this—

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE and dont give up. if you are determined, you can get it!

PS–Hope this helps ya

Hmm… Well I didn’t have that problem when I was learning but some general tips are, take your foot off the pedal for 1 rev then put it back on, do this until it’s pretty easy then try for 2 revs. Keep increasing this until you can do about 6 revs then start trying to put your foot on the frame instead of extended and keep increasing your distance.

Hope this helps.:slight_smile:

I am just trying to learn 1ft too… i can get 3 revs sometimes and then just stop… one problem i have is controling my leg thats not on the pedal - i get it out enough and then i just lose control of it and it falls down and the pedal hits the back of my leg.
I am determind to get it, i just have to put my mind to it like i did learning a few other things… ‘you are not going home until you can…’ if i tell myself this and really put my mind to it i seem to improve at a good rate:)

Lots of tips for other skills as well. Freestyle, street, trials, and Muni.

So the general consensus is I just have to get the guts up to lift my foot off the pedal. I take it the “off” foot just dangles until I start getting some revolutions??? Thanks for the help.

i started putiing my foot on the frame as soon as i tried, but if that works better for you than do that.

I’ve been able to one-foot it for about a month now and have only started putting my foot on the frame. It feels weird at first and almost as if you are learning to do one-foot again but then you get used to it after a while and keep going.

ive always seemed to have a problem with having my foot on the frame. probs cause of a really short seatpost…anyway, what i find works is bending my knee so that my shin is parallel to the ground and then pressing it against the frame. the usefullness of this may vary on a person to person basis and also wound depend on your seat being at the right height etc. basically it just helped me get my foot outta the way. i also suggest learning on a slight slope to help with getting the momentum to keep on pedaling.

That’s basically what I did. I thought the frame was too small and was unsure of how I’d get my foot up that high, but then I just went for it. A few UPDs later I was going a couple revolutions.

I sympathize with you, REM48. It took me weeks before I could get my foot off the pedal. I remember trying to work up to it by putting no pressure on the pedal with one foot, but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t ever just take it off the pedal. I finally made a break through and was able to take the foot off. Once I was able to get the foot off, then the next challenge was getting the pedal with the foot still on it over the 12 o’clock position. One of the tricks I found was on the upstroke, angle your foot down so that you can keep a little bit of control with the pedal.

BTW, I can take my right foot off the pedal now with no problem, however, I have not been able to take my left foot off the pedal. So I’ll have to work though the whole process again with my left foot.

i started taking my foot off by accident down steep hills, I found that riding a few revs with one foot was easy just a matter of guts.

Getting my foot on the frame was much harder, and seemed impossible and really hard, but once it was on there it felt so much easier.

Then i realised that instead of taking my foot round i woukd actually have to pedal twice as hard on the down stroke to keep in balance… now i can one foot forever.

Good luck with it!

Pretty much. Just keep in mind that you don’t want all of your weight shifting to that one foot. Try to keep your gravity centered like you’re sitting, even though it’s going to feel very much like you have to compensate by leaning to one side. My mistake is always pressing down too hard with my foot, so I end up doing just a few revolutions instead of staying at a steady pace. You just have to feel it out! Hope this helps.

Btw, I don’t put my foot on the crown. I just kind of keep it a little up in the air.

1 ft was one of my hardest skills
A key for me was quickly recovering. First I’d fall, and I learned to rolling mount.
Knowing I could quickly remount encouraged me to try more often.
Then I learned to do a couple rotations and put my foot back on the pedal and recover.

Aside from getting better at falling down alot, getting my foot onto the post quickly helped, and holding my arms out/up helped. Knowing for sure you are going to fall, your gut reaction is to put your arms into a defensive position. But you need them committed for balance.
I put one arm more forward and the other up and to the side.
I think of my forward arm as on a steering wheel. If I yank it left or right, it steers. If up and down, it helps forward/back… but the foot on the post helps that alot too. The other arm helps from falling left/right.
Heres a picture


i do it so infrequently, whenever i wanna do it i forget which leg i can do it on.

Have you thought about learning to one foot idle first?

I can one foot idle (basically I learnt how I learned to idle in the first place - with one hand on the wall first and learning to get that balance with your foot on the frame). Unfortunately I can’t one foot ride yet - no where to practice really. but maybe this thread will spur me on to try again.

One footed idle has been my easiest trick to learn yet (about 10-15mins to 80% success rate). The tipping point was discovering that it’s easier to mount the uni with my left foot hoppping straight up to the crown, than to lift it later. Then once I had the feel for it, I could put my leg up and down as I pleased.

I still can’t ride forward on one foot though.

I just recently tried one foot and I got it in about an hour or so. I can’t do it on a 20" I can only do it on a Coker. It’s a lot smoother on a larger wheel. I suggest doing it on a larger wheel. That’s just me. Maybe I’m weird. Good luck. Later.


i cant one foot idle but can one foot ride pretty much forever.

Having the foot on the crown definately helps, try it, at first it’ll be harder but then it’ll make itmuch easier.

Practice is the key.

I don’t think I will be trying on my 36. I cannot even idle that thing. I just get on it and ride. Do the rest of you think a 20 is better to learn on or a 26? THANKS FOR THE HELP AGAIN.