1 foot...I think I'm starting to get the hang of this.

After some helpful advice and encouragement in the chatroom yesterday, I practiced some one foot riding. Before, I hadn’t been able to get it at all–fall as soon as taking my foot off. But now I made it 3 and a half revolutions–yay!
I’ve made it that far a couple of times now, and 2-1/2 to 3 most attemps now. Oddly enough, I’m not falling after that…I just slow down with each push and by 3 I just kinda stop moving. But that seems to have a pretty simple and obvious solution.

I think what was really throwing me off before was that I was trying really hard not to push down on the upstroke of the pedal at all–just to let it come up. Then I discovered that I really needed to resist the upward momentum to keep balance, and that it still had plenty of momentum to make it all the way back up and around.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that this is a lot easier to learn slower. I thought faster would be better, with more forward momentum, and better stability, but this is certainly not the case.

Riding on a very smooth surface, like a gym floor, will help you maintain the momentum. A smooth floor really helps during the learning stage. I didn’t have my “ah-ha” moment with one foot riding until I got an opportunity to ride indoors on a gym floor. Then I immediately discovered that I could ride one footed as long as I wanted. When I was practicing outside on the pavement I wasn’t making progress.

One footing is a very good skill to learn. It teaches you better balance and pedal control.

To keep your momentum up you need to use as much of the pedal stroke as you can to keep your forward power. Work the very bottom of the pedal stroke. At the bottom you should point your toes down a bit and scrape your foot back like you’re scrapping mud off your shoe. That will give you even power all the way through the bottom of the stroke and really helps in keeping your momentum going. At the very top of the sroke think of pushing your foot forward. It’s all about pedaling in as much of a smooth circular motion as you can.

Then don’t forget to practice using your other foot. :slight_smile:

1 foot is very important. I used to always fall off instantly if 1 foot came off a pedal now I just continue on with a slight “oh shit” and movement of the hands. Wheelwalking is my new torture. It’s slower to restart than 1 foot. Go to fence, grab on, position feet, start wheelwalking, fall off instantly, repeat.

Goodluck man, it’s so much fun to do once you learn. Everyone stares even more :slight_smile: For some reason seat on stomach is more impressive to some…

Smooth surface, huh?
I’m sure I can find some more or less empty hallway at my university…

Gobd: I found that a rail didn’t help me much at all with WW or one foot. A shopping cart helped too much for WW…I can do really easily with a cart, and not at all without one. But the cart didn’t help at all for one foot, and not really for seat drag, either. So, it looks like 1 foot is gonna be the first one of those I learn.


For me, the slowest part of wiring one-foot-on-the-pedal tricks (there are dozens) is trusting your balance enough to keep most all your weight on the seat and to let the pedal come up–from 6 o’clock back to 12–while maintaining minimum downward pressure with your foot. Without pressuring the pedal–on both the down and up stroke–you’re coasting, and that feels very insecure. Once you can let the wheel just run, at the same speed, you’re there.


I’m curious, do you hold your seat when going to one foot? I cant’ do without!

I’m still working on breaking the 20m barrier one-footed, but two tips that helped me get past a few revolutions are:

  • Pedal smoothly. Make a circle with your foot (don’t just mash downward on the pedal), and move your foot at a constant speed.

  • Use good posture. Once you’ve got your foot on the frame, sit up tall with a straight back, keep your head up, look forward, and hold your arms out (or up) for balance.

My practice just got turned up a notch since I snapped a crank arm off my uni… after a few hours I learned how to mount one-footed (am still working on the reverse one-foot mount) and ride about 3m.

Removing a crank is highly recommended if you want to shotgun yourself through the course of one-foot skills! :slight_smile:

Are you putting your foot on the crown of your unicycle or is it just hanging out there?

I couldn’t let go of my seat until I put my foot up. Keep going, you’re almost at the breakthrough point.

The foot’s going on the crown, then I can let go of the seat. I find I ride better one-footed when I use both arms for balance.

Now, how about hanging the foot out to the side or in front while one-footing? Any suggestions on how to make this transition?


see when i bust it out one footed i always go in a circle. which is cool to look at , but i cant do it any other way. also i cant do it on my 28 inch only only on my currently broken 20 inch nay advice

Chase P.O.W.

im not a noobie

im not a noobie im a level four almost five


I have my right hand on the seat handle the whole time. When I stop, I don’t crash that way…I can push the uni away.
My left foot just sticks slighty out and behind me. It’s an old shwinn with the curved frame, and my speedometer and saftey light kinda get in the way if I were to put my foot there.

I saw you Skippi

I saw the uni with the blinking tail light last night (Thurs).

yup, that’s about where im at. im also learning 1 footed on hills, but i cant seem to get the hang of 1 footed w/ my left foot.

Yep, definately getting the hang of this. I didn’t practice at all yesterday, and barely at all the day before, but today I praticed a good hour or two, and several times got between 100 and 300 feet. I’m happy.
I’m gonna post a bit more in depth about how I started to get the hang of it because what worked for me seems to be very different that what worked for most other people, based on advice I got read on the web, so maybe it’ll help some other people if I post it.

had to jump in here, …last night I put a hose clamp on my hunter so I could begin to work on one foot riding…and today (the first time ever trying to ride one foot) I was able to ride! I was totally amazed. Within no more than a half hour I could one foot for as long as I wanted too…I can even turn and navigate obstacles quite easily. Sorry to jack the thread, but I was just so siked to learn a new trick soooooo fast. Goin out to play more with it now…it’s a cool feeling being balanced like that on the wheel. peace all.