1 down, 2 to go

I went back to the doc last week and got one of my pins taken out (Gawd, that hurt!!!) I won’t know about the others until after the first of the year when I go back again. One of the remaing pins managed to push it’s way out the top of my thumb so now I really have to be careful not to snag it or bump it on anything

pinned thumb.jpg

Oh god! I’m still wincing! That must’ve hurt :(. Is this the thumb you pulverised a few months ago :thinking: (I can’t remember if that was you)? Hope the other one’s out soon.

so whats the story? i must’ve missed it…

Yep that’s the one I shattered on Oct 15th. I thought I’d be completely healed by the first of the year, looks like that ain’t happening :frowning: :angry:

I dropped an alternator on my thumb and shattered one of the bones in 9 places. The orthopedic doctor had to put 3 pins in it to
immobilize it to allow the bone to grow back together