1. Bavariacup from the 29.April to the 30.April 2006

From the 29.4.06 to the 30.4.06 is the first Bavariacup in the south of Germany.
The official site is www.bayern-cup.com

Please do not register yet! There are problems with the script!
I’l tell you, when you can register. I don’t know if there are so many people how can read German and want to take part, but perhaps it’ll be also in english soon.

On Saturday the 29. are:
100m Race + Expert
400m Race + Expert
800m Race + Expert
1 footed + Expert
Wheel walk + Expert
10m slowly forward
10m slowly backwards

on Sunday the 30. are:
Individual Freestyle
Pair Freestyle
Trial contest

On sunay are also Tral Workshops and i think a Freestyle workshop, which until yet some German Unicyclists do.

Does anyone have any experiences of Trial contests?
How do you count the points?