1.75" vs. 3.0"(24") in Hop/Jump Height??


I’m just curious as to how much easier I might be able to hop/jump with a 3.0 tire instead of my current 1.75 tire. This is not official as of yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done a 27" sidejump onto an object with my 1.75 tire!! So, I’m just wondering if I’ll be able to go higher easier.



well I cant tell you how much a 3" tire on a 24 " uni will help you out. I have neither. What I do have is a 2.5" monty tire on my 20" when I got that I greatly improved my jumping/hopping height. I can hop probably 2x as high as I can with a 1.75 tire. I also found that tire pressure is a big factor in jumping this high with the bigger tire… you just have to play with it a bit till you find what you like.


In what way? I recently got a 2" tyre to replace a 1.75" one; I usually have it a little on the squishy side, but while I think I can jump higher it’s not a massive increase.

Phil, just me

When I have my tire pumped up to arround 25 psi I get my best hops… (arround 12") I have played arround with the tire pressure inflating it to 35psi and I found I can only jump arround 6" also having the psi too low is no good either you end up bottoming out on the rim and that’s just not fun now is it. Now for me a 200% increase is a big diffrence. But maybe that’s just me.