1.2m(4 feet) drop on a hard surface.

I don’t know if you need that type of padding. I’ve got hip pads and a tail bone pad in my Roach Downhill pants and that seems to help a lot.

But then you’d never be able to see where were you were going, with it being dark!

What about that zorbing thing? Rolling down a hill in an inflatable hamster ball. Maybe someone could make one with a hole in the bottom (yes, the bottom of a sphere, OK?) for a uni, and you could just strap it in place. You’d be invincible!


Like one of these… hole in the bottom, padding all round, and even a window so you can see where you’re going…



more the protection more the skill and thank you

Thank you for encouraging me guys.
It was not my intention to offend. I believe most of the people
can understand this.

Also I believe the protection can be some sort of method to
develop possible dangerous skill such as down stairs. Normally,
it is easy. But if something happens, it can be sometimes very

I have still bruise on my right buttock about 2-3cm. And also
I can palpate 2-3cm linear painful mass on my buttock, maybe hematoma. I’m currently assuming that it will be resolved within
1-2 weeks hopelfully. But still painful.

Let’s pay more attention to our buttock and also to protection gears.

Not so much of a new idea… a fairly good description here:

and the one picture on the page, for those too lazy to actually visit the site:

I do have to do this sometime… sometime.