1:24 Video

Today a friend and I went out filming and HERE is my part of it.

Who ever watchs this, PLEASE leave comments.



Isaac you did a great job. I especially liked when you took the three stairs at a roll.

that was pretty cool.

Great job Isaac
You’re really solid on these tricks.
Try to keep the prehops down… you did pretty good on that, but still a few on the rocks. Not that I could do any better.
Nice try on the gliding.

thank you. Yes I really want to learn how to coast. :slight_smile:

How far away do you think you are from gliding now?

uhm i’m gonna have to try gliding. Can you wheelwalk?

and uhm next time try filming more, the same line for 1 minute isnt very exiting. Even though you did allright natural trials is always harder than it looks.

Keep up the good riding -


do you like your quax?