1/22/06 - Seattle Area Riders Ride Again!

Yes, another SARS ride…

It started, as always, with an e-mail. “Yo, wanna uni this Sunday?” “Yep” “OK…” The riders were Steve Dekeokeok, Tyler Cox, and Greg Harper.

We began the ride at Log Boom park in Kenmore, Washington. It’s a nice little park with a beach outlet, but we didn’t spend any time looking at the sights - we had to ride! We agreed that everyone else had sissied out, so we headed off with the miserable turnout of three people.

To start off the ride, Steve just couldn’t mount his new Hunter 36er! He ended up using a tree branch - “sissy” as Greg would say. He found out a few minutes later that his twitchiness that caused him to ride like he’d never Cokoured before was due to his Jagur-built air seat being too high.

The first sightings were of a golf course and a really nice house, and not a whole lot else. Quite a few bikers were on the trial, including one from Germany that we met because Greg somehow knew him. He followed along all of the ride, and it was fun converting miles to kilos for him!

After some riding up and down, through tunnels, and over roots, we made it to the infamous Blackwood UPD bridge. This, according to Steve and Greg, was a bridge that always seemed to throw Tom Blackwood from his noble steed and bump everyone behind him - hence his signature line “Tailgate at your own risk.”

Another bridge snuck up on us, and this time it had a pretty short but steep incline to it. I had to dismount my 29er, Bubba, and push it to the top where I gracefully mounted and raced down the other side - almost knocking over an old woman. Greg of course gave me the signature Harper “sissy” routine and we continued on.

At this point, I felt some coldness on my backside. No, it couldn’t be - but it was. My Camel was peeing on me from a leak in his water tube. I couldn’t leave him behind, but I didn’t want him to leak all over my back and pants, so I hiked it up so only my shirt got wet (which apparently didn’t work)… We tightened the tube, but I later found out it was punctured when I got home.

We stopped at a place with some stairs, a concrete planter (that both Greg and I rode on), bikers, and skaters. We got our picture taken by one of the skaters, and one of the bikers insisted on being in the picture. I discovered after downloading the pictures that the skater/photographer was smart enough to cut the biker out of the pic.

Here’s the fun part - I raced Steve! And I didn’t do too well at 12 mph, but I had fun anyway. No, not with the racing, but with the UPDing. Yes, I will always wear a helmet from now on because of a nice highspeed pavement encounter that I had right then and there. I was doing top speed, when I leaned a little too far forward - causing a classic short crank “no momentum to pedal out of it” UPD moment. I hit hard on my elbow and knee, causing my thankfully helmeted head to smack into the ground - and making Steve gracefully swerve around me…or did he push me? My head had no injury of any kind because of the helmet, but I would have been completely knocked out if I wasn’t helmeted. My elbow and knee are both fine with minor road rash (see pics). It didn’t even hurt too bad, mostly just a surprise!

The uni was fine, but with my wet pants and shirt and semi-painful limbs, we decided to turn back. The ride wasn’t too short - around twelve miles - so I was satisfied. The ride back was mostly the same as the way there, but I did make it over the steep bridge this time! I forgot my bike shorts - bad idea - so crotch breaks were frequent on the return trip.

Post-ride I went to Steve’s house to check out the football game and eat bratwursts with him and his kids John, Abby, and Andrea.

It was an AWESOME ride, and one of the first things I said after I UPDed was, “Man, this’ll make an AWESOME writeup!”






Nice write-up Tyler, and thanks for including those pics.

Sorry to hear about the high-speed UPD, but now that you have that first one under your belt, you can start the process of working up to your second one. And third…

Steve: nice to see another Hunter in the club. Did Henry Ford take over the factory by any chance? Just curious…

PS: That bridge hasn’t taken me down in a while. I really only faked it last time because it was a perfect opportunity to take out both Irene and Andy Cotter. As you know, the bonus points increase when you take out the higher level riders.


Excellent writeup, Tyler and thanks for organizing the ride. Paltry turnout, though, as you say I believe we are becoming sissy-ville. Steve’s seat height adjustment made an enormous improvement to his riding ability.

That was not a UPD. That was a flat-out, high-speed fall. I didn’t see any steps taken before Tyler went down HARD. And he chipped his helmet. Then he shook it off and rode. He’s a tough kid.

Yea, that was a fall for sure. My elbow is better, although I can hear it grate a super tiny bit more than the other one when it’s coming up on 180 degrees. No joint pain, though, so I think time will heal it - if that tiny grating is even an injury and not just something I’ve never noticed… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice report Tyler! You have a bright and “colorful” future in open uni racing!

Steve, how is “Deep Blue”? Like the wheel?

nice writeup, I want to go on a group distance ride sometime!! it sounds like oh so much fun…
how do you pronounce Dekoekoek or whatever?

Good trip report Tyler! Sounds like a fun ride.

Those colors wouldn’t be black and blue by any chance, would they? :wink: :astonished:

Was a fun ride. Of course there was some concern after the Tyler-Superman-Slide but after it was established no permanent harm, the usual verbal abuse resumed.

This was only my second time out of the neighborhood with the new Coker. Two weeks ago I did 8 miles of rolling hills with no real problems. The brake wasn’t functional yet then. I’m currently using some 125’s but have some 140’s on order.

Last week I trimmed the brake line and monkeyed with the seat a bit and must have left it up too high. I also added the tool bag and the two water bottles which added some weight. Between the changes it was like I hadn’t ridden a big wheel before in my life! I have regularly mounted a standard Coker with 140’s, 150’s & 170’s, a 29er with 102’s and 110’s, and a 40" Big Wheel with 150’s so the trouble didn’t make any sense. I usually do a rolling mount, right foot first, but this time if either foot was not perfect on the pedal I just went straight over and once I was riding I was so twitchy Harper and Tyler hung way back in case I decided to demonstrate Blackwood’s sig line!

A 1/2 inch adjustment to the seat height and the world was right again. I free-mounted, nailed the bridge back to the trail, and even missed Tyler when he went down right in front of me.

He challenged me to a speed run so I pulled my GPS out of my back pocket to check our speed. The GPS had just hit 11.7 MPH. That was the top speed of Tyler’s and my unicycles at that point. Unfortunately Tyler’s uni stayed at 11.7 while Tyler hit 12+ with a sudden 12-0 deceleration following.

I think next time, with a push, we can get 13 MPH out of Tyler.

Pete, your wheel build and truing are great! Haven’t decided on a name yet. The color is “Misty Blue”; “Deep Blue” has a nice ring to it.

Oh, and DeKoekkoek is Dee Kook Kook, just like the bird (D)Cuckoo(k). “whatever” is pronounced what-ever.

DeKoekkoek: pronounced I-D-I-O-T.

Michael, you are always welcome to join us for any ride at any time. I realize it is a long haul, even from the skinny part of Idaho. But it’s only fun watching the others go down, not falling yourself.

Tyler, glad your elbow and knee survived. The photos you took of them only moments after the fall do not do justice to the impact you had with the pavement.

Elbow dizgustingness:


Here’s an accurate representation of what the group picture would have been like if it weren’t for my helmet:


Ah, everything under the sun is in tune.

Tyler, Nice dizgustingness.