1/2 hour TV version of Unizaba airs June 15 on Nat Geo

Hi All,

A 1/2 hour TV version of Unizaba is scheduled to play on the National Geographic Channel in Europe and Asia. I think it’s possibly supposed to play sometime in the next week, maybe tomorrow (June 15). This version of unizaba is twice the length of the original and contains footage not included in the film version.

For those of you who haven’t seen Unizaba, it’s a story about unicycling down a couple of volcanoes in Mexico.



i went to see the banff mountain film festival world tour when it came to washington d.c., and i remember watching a section about Kris. I dont remember the title, but it had some trials on some sort of boardwalk if i remember correctly. and I think it also involved you flying down a mountain at like 20 mph. I think that movie got the best reaction from the audience…when everyone left the auditorium, that was the one people were still talking about as they walked to their cars :slight_smile:

I just bought universe 2, maybe i oughta by unizaba too. I dont live in Europe or Asia, and I dont get cable, so unfortunatley i won’t be able to see it.


Someone needs to get it on tape so others that can’t see it will be able to later. Can you take stuff off tapes and post on internet? If so someone needs to post it. Just a thought.

What I assume to be the half-hour version of Unizaba was shown on Sky in the UK last month (21st May, IIRC). It was definitely Unizaba and it was definitely half an hour - but the programme was called Total Adventure on the ADVONE channel.

It’s currently on my TiVo - and there’s a DVD recorder sitting underneath that. :wink:

If Kris and Nathan are happy for it to be distributed, I could do PAL copies…


i agree that it should be on a tape because some boring people like me! dont have these channels and it would be a brill idea!
just a thought.

laura xxx

I MIGHT have national geographic…
but ive got so many crappy channels i dont watch i wouldnt really know where to start looking!

This was probably it. They told me it was going to air June 15th but sometimes these things get rearranged without anybody besides the TV show knowing about it. Most likely it will re-run as they always do, but I’m not sure when.

Mass scale duplication of this is probably uncool, but Mark if you want to share a few PAL copies around I don’t mind.



They sent me a rough cut of it in VHS back in Feb or March and the show was called “Total Adventure”. And they said it was not going to show in the US.

By pirating it and then mass-distributing you’re not harming me in any way (the opposite actually). But I’d guess that it is “uncool” as Kris says, from the point of view of Nat Geo.

It was cool to see since some of the new footage I had never seen at all. The narrator sounds a little funny sometimes and I wish we could’ve done our interviews in a more high budget way than just setting up a camcorder out in the garden. I’m not sure which I like better - Unizaba is short and sweet and has the Sean White touch.

As more people see it, please post your opinions, positive and negative here.



Any idea if and when it will air stateside?

The show was only sold to National Geographic Europe and Asia, but there’s certainly a good possibility of it airing at some point in North America; if it does I’ll post about it.


according to my schedule on channel “Adventure one” there is a program called total adventure on at 11 and 11:30pm tonight, uk time. This could be it going off previous posts.

FYI these are powerboating and canoeing editions of ‘Total Adventure’.