1,186 Bicycles and 2 Unicycles - World Record

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Yesterday, the Slow Rollers bicycle club of Lake Tahoe attempted the Guinness World Record of the longest line of bicycles. I rode in this on my 36er, it was a blast!

There was the guy in the purple super hero suit, at least two unicyclists, a masked man wearing a cape, a lady bug, Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, bike shop owner Gary Bell on his penny-farthing, an oversized tricycle, wigs of every color and Winnie the Pooh.

I saw two unicyclists other than myself, one was at the starting line just riding around on a 24" Schwinn who said he wasn’t going to ride in the parade, then along the route I spotted a little boy on a 16".

Overall, a great time and great publicity for the sport!

Here I am! (Link to the time in the video)

World’s Longest Bicycle Parade! Slow Rollers 2012 in Lake Tahoe


Another one:

Lake Tahoe Weather for May 17th 2012 The Slow Rollers Go for the Record.