1,000 Mile Club

On today’s ride in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Gus Dingemans reached the 1,000-mile mark! He’s ridden over 1,000 miles so far this year.

Way to go, Gus!

Here’s Gus with his Coker.

104_0465_r1 1,000 miles_1.jpg

Gus, I’m willing to bet you can parlay this achievement into a nice quantity of brownies. Don’t forget your friends, Gus. :wink:


(Hey, Max- how does he manage to go 1000 measely miles without break’n anything?)

That is an amazing amount of riding! Congatulations.

What kind of riding regimin do you have? Max if your Dad isn’t on the forum maybe you can answer. Are you riding every single day, or longer rides less frequently. I just got a Coker and am completely whipped after 8 miles. :smiley: I look forward to seeing my stamina increase as I ride more.

Congrats Gus. Like Bugman, I’ve only had my coker for a month and only have 60 miles on it. 1000 miles seems a long way off!

What set up do you have for the handlebars? Do you have a pic of them or info you could post? Do you have an air saddle or that a stock KH saddle?


This (towards the bottom) is a pic of something almost identical to what he’s using now. And it’s a stock KH seat.

At the beginning of the spring, he rode anywhere from 5-10 miles in a ride, to and from work (8 miles each way) a couple times a week. He’s been working his way up, and last weekend he did a 33.5 mile ride, and today he took 25 mile ride. Shrug, I guess he worked up to it.

Thanks for the photo Max.

Nothing like riding to work to get in consistent mileage. Gotta be there and gotta get home. Perfect! With the longest ride at 33.5 miles, it goes to show how a little often adds up quick.


so did you do this 1000 mile all at once

or was it over a period of time


you knock him down but he keeps on coming!

grog boy

i like the paint job on Gus’s uni.