09' Nimbus Muni 24", 09 26" Nimbus Muni frame, misc stuff

I’ve got a 2009 Nimbus Muni, orange frame with brake mounts, lots of outfitting choices:

Nimbus Gel or KH fusion Freeride
KH rail less post or fixed post
KH 150 Moments or Koxx 160mm cranks
Salsa QR clamp, Animal single bolt, or Nimbus doble bolt black or red

Also includes
Odyssey pedals
Koxx trials 47mm drilled rim (red)
Nimbus hub, 13ga spokes
Duro 3".

Muni is in excellent conditio, wheel is custom buld, very strong and looks sharp. Price varies depnding on outfitting, you pay shiping or come get it in Knoxville, TN

Also have some misc parts:
2009 Nimbus 26" muni frame, color black, has brake mounts, some minor scratches
KH Fusion Freeride seat covers (07-08), black, blue
13 ga spokes and nipples from HK muni wheelset (#36)

Best offer plus shipping on above parts, though I’d prefer a pickup.

I’ll be at the Southeast Munifest Sept. 26-27 and will bring all gear for sale.

PM for details.


pictures please :slight_smile:

I’ll try to get some up, but it’s harder now since we no longer have intenet at home, just the webbook for free wifi :slight_smile:

I’ll try to take some pics. So what do you want to see? It can be outfitted a variety of ways, so right now I have it apart so I don’t waste time rebuilding.

You don’t have a wheelset for the 26"?

The 26" is a frame only.

The 24" is a complete with choices.

pm sent.

what’s the approximate price range?

for the full nimbus with moments?

I can’t really give prices since it’s dependent on how you want it outfitted. Youc an come up with a price, there are lots of “models” to help you such as going prices for new unis and the cost of a new uni. Pm with offers and be sure to detail how you want it outfitted.

pm sent

I would give $300 for the setup in the 3rd picture except with the KH Fusion Freeride seat black with the KH clamp.


Enjoy the ride, Alex from Asheville, NC

Hi Nurse Ben. Just wondering if you are keen on selling the 150mm moments and the gold seat clamp in a separate sale?
PM me if you are interested,

The unicycle is sold!!!

Read the thread!!!