07' Torker LX review

This is my write up on the new 07’ Torker LX. I happen to own a 24" as I bought it from a local Bke shop. Speaking of bkes its so weird to ride one of those now… it doesn’t make sense at all. But anyways I did the ultimate test as I did a really long ride today that wore the water right out of my skin. As of now I’m sitting pretty parched chugging down fluids every so often(don’t wanna get cramps!).

I got this unicycle as my first unicycle. I like 24" they are a good size and for a little variation and transition from one thing to another. After struggling for the first two weeks I never really could maintain any balance at all so I thought to myself “screw it just go outside and do it” leveled the pedals to the step and went off. Probably the best way to learn to unicycle instead of depending on a wall or crutches or something you hold onto. It’s best to fix the mistakes as you progress. Well I forget how long its been since I’ve had it… maybe about a month now. But since then I’ve gotten a lot better and can free mount it but not every time.

As for the unicycle, its held up well. I went up a 55 degree or so hill with it hoping the cranks or the hub wouldn’t twist on me and it rolled up nice and smoothly. I also did some muni with it, as its the only way to get to the park, this dirt trail. I kept bailing as I can’t stall for crap right now as I’ve yet to figure out how that works. The obstacles are pretty crazy for a unicycle compared to a lame b*ke. Theres this bog pit of doom, that if one was good enough would have to hop this angled hill to get across (I’m way far away from there). All these roots that are in the way of the path gotta watch out or they’ll bail you off the seat. The torker took a beating today, fell in a muddy ditch, bailed on the park path many times, went up and down numerous steep inclines and declines and its still holding up. My only complaint is the seat is very uncomfortable and the cranks need to be just a tad shorter. Other then that for my first unicycle its pretty dependable, I would rather have a 24" AX model though(same thing with a lighter smoother frame :smiley: ). But this is all I could get at the moment. I would rate it 6/10