07' Muni


After scattering to all ports for the holidays the Santa Barbara/LA Muni Club (or half of us anyhow) got back together for the first group ride of ‘07. It was a glorious sunny day out at Elmore Bluffs, overlooking the ocean. Scads of small technical runs down crumbling bluffs and steep dirt chutes provided a good warm up for ‘07, which promises to be a great year for Muni in So Cal. The prevalence of trecherous ice plants and a 100-foot cliff drop directly into the sea limited our options, but it was great to be back in the saddle with all our friends. A little ways inland the forest is littered with a million downed trees and endless “skinny” possibilities, on which we fiddled around for hours. Again, this year is gonna be a fantastic year for Muni! A few pics coming, just to stoke the Muni flame.


Indeed. After being a little ill for two months, it was wonderful to be sharing the spectacular SoCal winter weather with some great friends.


Next time you ride let us know and you might get more people on a ride. :smiley:

It’s good to see you boys gettin’ it done! That theres some smart photography! Props to the riders too, of course. :smiley: