'07 KH Fusion for airseat?

k, so I’m gonna make an airseat. I’ve tried all kinds of saddles, but none that have made me completely happy, so I’m finally going to do it.

However, I was looking at my '07 KH Fusion Freeride seat, and my '06 non-freeride KH seat, and it looks like the Freeride seat cover doesn’t have enough volume in the front and back (where kris thinned the foam) to fit an inflated tube + a little padding. In contrast, the non-freeride looks to have more than enough volume…maybe too much?

So, the question…would the Freeride fusion cover have enough volume to make a worthwhile airseat + thin layer of foam? Or should I mod the old kh seat instead? I plan on using a 16 inch tube…

edit: oh, and a side question…is there any practical reason to put a cf base on a coker? because I have this weird urge to do just that…but I know it’s pointless (I’m not using a GB4 handle).

I’m not sure that the 07 Fusion Freeride seatcover is actually cut lower in front and back than the old style Fusion cover. They may be cut the same.

I took an 07 Freeride saddle apart for my Coker seat. Used the foam and seatcover on a CF Miyata style base. I seem to recall that the Freeride seatcover looked to have the same volume as the old style Fusion cover, but I could be wrong. It’s a bit hazy and now and I can’t remember which seatcover on my unicycles is which.

Anyways, might be a question to ask KH if you can’t get a definitive answer from the forum.

There is a benefit to having a CF base on a Coker if you use the handle attached directly to the saddle. The CF base will allow you to pull up hard on the handle without any flex. Additionally, it will allow you to push down on the handle to give you some saddle relief.

If you’re going to be using the T7 handle then there is not so much need for the CF base since you can’t really use the front handle on the saddle with the T7.

I just today made an air seat with my 07 Freeride Fusion saddle. I did not put any foam back into it just the innertube and bone shaped sock thing that Unicycle .com sells. The KH cover fits perfect. I like the air seat, but then I have only just barely used it this evening.