'07 KH 20" frame

Opinions on the 07 kh frame? How is it different from the new kh frame? Is it as much worse than the 2010 version as it is cheaper?

The '08, '09 and '10 models got alot of upgrades since '07. The new ones are much better, almost every KH frame that broke were '07s. The new ones have a slightly longer neck(I think), the butted seatpost tube, the crown is now 30% thicker and there are maybe some others that I forgot, but that’s what I know about the difference between the '07s and the '10s frames.

i think the distance between the tire and the bottom of the crown is smaller on the newer models as well

So is the 07 kh better than the nimbus II? Is it worth the extra money?

I assume you’re looking at the '07 frame from bedford, I got one of those and I love it. :slight_smile: I think it’s definitly better than the Nimbus II, I’ve personally only ridden one for a couple of minutes, but the KH’s crown design is much nicer and it’s lighter too. Not very many people break frames anyway, so IMO it’s a great deal.

how much extra? how much do each of them cost where your buying them from?

the KH 07 are like the lightest Trials / Street frames you will find i think they are even lighter then the nimbus titanium but just not as strong. there is nothing wrong with the nimbus 2 frame youll be able to do any thing you can on that then the KH. its up to you but as i say it depends on what you want to spend

I think KH used a thicker alum tube for the seat post holder after '07. A few pics were posted of frames being broke off at the crown.

I think the metal alloy, and craftsmanship of the '07 is the same as the '05 and all later alum KH’s.

I don’t know what you are paying, but few actually broke '07 KH frames, and KH has an excellent reputation for replacing any that did.

So if you see a good deal on an '07 frame, be assured that they come with an odd unwritten warranty. KH won’t promise you in writing that KH will replace it if the neck breaks. But we will. KH has a long reputation of replacing anything that fails to early. Even if it’s an '07, it’s a safe buy.

The kh is $125 at Bedford, and the nimbus is $70 from udc. The nimbus would have shipping charges, too, but I could pick up the kh from bedford.

I say go with the KH 07. On my Onza frame (similar to Nimbus) I was hitting my legs a lot. Of course that was years ago and Nimbus could be less wide…

ok great, I will.

Even without the leg thing (if there is a leg problem) I think the small price difference makes it worth the purchase…

I assume a KH frame fits a Nimbus wheelset?

yea. nimbus isis hub at least.

Most definitely if it is Isis. They had pretty much the sane hub back in 07 except the KH had some pretty bad drill outs that made for bent flanges.

My friend has a Nimbus wheelset in a KH Double Crown frame… so yeah it fits.