07/06 dx

hey every one i have decided to buy either the 06 torker dx, or the 07 one at the end of the week. i just have a couple of questions befor i buy.
what size tire comes with it. if its a good size great if not what size should i get.
oh yeah i will be using it for street/trials.

dont get 06 there supposed to break easily

comes with like 20’’ or 24’’ tires maybe more

no i meant like what size (like a 2.5 inch or somthing)

The Trials 19" one is a 19x2.5.

The M-Uni 24" comes with a 24x2.6.

Wrong, they don’t break easily. Probably 4 out of hundreds of people have had the frame break. The unicycle is very strong both the 06 and 07. I have an 06 and I ride it hard and there has been no issues.

is the 07 one heavier than the 06?

Other than the weight of the little metal reinforcement ring, no.

DXs don’t break easy. the frame will break eventually. we have 3 DXs at my school and the 2 which were riden regularly had their frame break. in less than 5 months.

Are those the 07 with the reinforcing ring?

Very doubtful. The '07s haven’t been out for 5 months.

more like 20 or so, on the forums. the 05 frames broke commonly for the same reason, and I broke mine as well (multiple 5 and 6 foot drops). the 07 frame is much stronger, get the 07.

I think they added a little bit of ribbing as well, but it is LIGHTER than my 05 frame
and you couldnt feel the difference if you were prince “charming” and felt a pea under 100 matresses.

Ahah, well that was my point, the weight difference between the 06 and 07 is negligible. I didn’t hear anything about ribbing, but the new reinforcement ring actually continues down inside the crown of the frame:

By current DX cut-out view, it means the 2006 frame. The new 2007 frame is on top, and the 2006 frame is below.

The Maxxim tire on the DX 06 has been replaced by a Kenda Kinetics 24x2.60 tire on the DX 07 and there’s also a brake mount on the 07. Supposedly the frame has additional reinforcement as well. I got the 24" DX 07 and it weights 15.0 lbs.

The 24" 06 had the Kenda tire and brake mounts as well. I’ve got that as well as the trials size. The frame reinforcement is shown in the picture I showed above.