'06 Torker Sneakpeak

Check out Torkers new '06 unicycles here. Click on “News” on the left, and then scroll down to catch a “sneak peek” of the 2006 unicycles. They look pretty snazzy.

Here, for the first time ever is your advance peek at the all-new 2006 Torker unicycles. As you can see, the biggest change is COLOR! The DX chasis has also been reinforced, and the CX’s are now On Fire!

Looks like the DX now has a doublewalled rim and Magura mounts. Plus, its got a real tire on it now. No more wimpy 2.1".

Hehe, I’ve known that for months…

But yeah, There gonna be great. I wonder though if the 20" version DX will have a 19" mod trials tire? I asked, but no answer…

Also, Wonder what the price difference will be?

Torker REALLY needs to make those hubs 36 spoke. They also need to drop either the lx or the cx, we don’t need both, make the lx the freestyle line, the DX the trials/muni line, screw the low quality line.

Yeah, well…The CX makes a good cheap learner, and also for little kids, cause theres a lot of wimps who just want to ride a cheapie around they’re driveway, and not be ‘extreme’.

I just really hope the 20" DX is a real trials…it would be really dumb not to.

ech… so ugly

I want the seats to be green…why is there a lack of green in the unicycle world? you got your blue, and your red, and even your yellow, but the only green component I’ve ever seen is the Miyata, and not only was it a fairly ugly green, but now it’s unavailable!!

i agree! how come there’s no green fusion seat?
maybe Darren can make one

it would look alot better if the hub was red was red and the cranks black. Also its a bad color red

Leeman check your PMs:D :smiley:

i wonder what the LX will look like

The Qu-ax has that. They dont want to copy Qu-ax.

The Qu-ax has that. They dont want to copy Qu-ax.

With all those modifications, what is the price difference gonna be? I was attracted to the DX as a good unicycle to learn on because it could take a little bit of abuse, but wasn’t terribly expensive. I hope those mods don’t take the price up too much more.



You really made me laugh with this one! You do realise that they stole the design from Qu-Ax. I don’t think they really care whether they are seen to be coping it in colour.


Oh haha. I guess…

They have them now listed under unicycles now instead of under coming soon…the 20" is a real 19" trials… looks pretty good I think… Alex rim, maxxis CC.

how much does the new DX cost?


Looks like they listened when we talked and put a mod tire/rim on it.

That 24" is such a copy of the koxx.

Those frames on the 20" dx look super awesome and quite Do-able for a trials or street uni.

I cant find any place to buy 'em online yet… I’ll bet you could order one from a LBS distributer. I havent found a place listing a price.