06 Torker DX - red only?

To those who have the Torker DX '06 model or those who know about it:

Do you HAVE to go with that dreadful red color? Is there a way of at least getting black cranks? I haven’t talked to the people at UDC yet but thought I would check it out with this list. Ultimately, could the whole thing be done in black? Or any color that would prompt the usual “circus” comments?

Thanks for any advice.


what?! you waant to get curcus kwestions?! why? you cant buy it factory black but i supose for the cranks you can sell the origionals and buy some kh ones or sumtin.and thatred color is freekin awsome!

Yes, it is only red.

KH cranks will not fit, nor will any other, but the '05 Torker DX cranks are all black and are the same size.

and the red [b]is[/b] frikin awesome. I think my brother is afraid to scratch the paint (even though he already did on some grinds :slight_smile: )

I’ll trade my black and gray 2005 DX for your red 2006 DX

Whoa, my fault. In the original, I said…

“Ultimately, could the whole thing be done in black? Or any color that would prompt the usual “circus” comments?”

I should have said, “Or any color that would NOT prompt the usual “circus” comments?” No, I’m certainly not looking for any more of them!! My mistake; typing too late at night requires an editor.

Well, so far, everyone seems content with the red color and wouldn’t change it. I don’t own one but was thinking about it.

If there are any other comments, please add to this thread.

I appreciate all the input!!


I’m getting the '06 Torker for Christmas. (Red is awesome).

I think they did overdo it a bit with the red. Later on I plan on getting a black seat (torker lx?) for it and maybe getting rid of the red seat post clamp. It should look fine after that.

You could always just paint it a different color, too.

The seat is perfectly fine, a lot of seats (like KH) have colors. And the Seatclamp isn’t too bad.

But I agree about the cranks, they shouldave left those black.

The rim is great. In case you didn’t know, painted rims are “in”. And I think having unicycles with more color (like bicycles) instead of being drab and boring like ‘circus unicycles’ gives non-unicyclists a less-circusy impression…

Don’t say that. Santa won’t bring it if you know it’s coming, he loves to destroy children’s dreams.

I’ve got the '06 DX and I think the red is pretty hideous. But then again, I don’t particularly like drawing attention to myself (boy, did I pick the wrong sport :roll_eyes: ). I’ll probably repaint mine after it gets scratched up.

i have the torker dx 06. its beatiful. everyone else thinks its a hard core punk rock unicycle because its red and black. and those are the “hard core” colors.
i always get comments on my red and black beauty. some of them are:

  1. did you paint that yourself?
  2. where did you get that? my son wants one of those?
  3. my freind says," thats … thats… amazzzzing…" when he compared his old lx to my new dx

so go for it and dont worry. its beautiful even if it inst in your eyes