'06 DX...Where can i get one?

where can i get an o6 dx that isnt ebay as i dont have a credit card so i cant sign up. does anyone wanna sell me theirs? or does anyone kno where i can get one? thanks alot


i think you only need a cc to sell stuff on ebay… if i’m wrong just get it from UDC.

On this auciton:
he says at the bottom:
This seller, bicycle-source.com, prefers PayPal.
Credit or debit card through PayPal
Personal check
Money order/Cashiers check

Other - See Payment Instructions for payment methods accepted
Visa/MasterCard, American Express, Discover

Unicycle.com says:
Payment can be made by credit card/debit card, check or money order:

  1. Credit or debit card.

  2. Check or money order. Payment should be made to Unicycle.com and sent with a clear statement of order requirement, including delivery address to:

1148 JVL Court, Suite 170
Marietta GA 30066

im not ordering from udc cuz its and extra hundred bucks for customs cost. so udc is out and so is ebay cuz i need a cc to register and to buy.

get someone with a paypal account to buy it for you off of ebay ?:wink:

When I bought my Qu-Ax of udc the customs was $60.
Who told you you needed a credit card to register on ebay? I registered on ebay without one… for the first year I made all my ebay purchases by sending money orders.
I just checked again and you still don’t need one.:smiley:

btw- You can get a paypal account without a cc… as long as you have a bank account with access card yr willing to use.

Are there any bikeshops in your area? Seatle bicycle supply carries Torker. Their a distributor, ask your lbs.

Victory is correct, you dont need a credit card to register and buy from ebay, only to sell. I don’t have a credit card and I’ve purchased several things by sending money orders, such as my 35mm camera.