06 DX spoke issue

look at the pic of the new torker at tohttp://www.torkerusa.com/images/06_bikes/Unistar-20DX-lg.jpg

the spoke pattern looks off, tell me what you think

Hmm. It looks goofy, but that’s just from the picture. Maybe they did something like photoshopped the stand out from behind the wheel or something.

I can assure you, the spokes are fine on the acctual unicycle.

It is completely normal. It is a 48 spoke 4 cross pattern. It just looks weird at some angles. If you have a 4 cross wheel try it for yourself.

yeah… that’s sorta what my 24" Qu-Ax looks like from that angle… it has the same spoke pattern. that and the photoshopping of the frame couldn’t have helped much…