05" KH parts

Why would you want steel? So much heavier. And Darren, you need to yell at kris, we want frames now! Also, how much do your frames weight?

naw thats ok, i have a Hunter to play with now so im good.

sounds like you have a few spare 2005 frames sitting around with no wheel then.

Re: 05" KH parts

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005 13:56:50 -0600, “cyberpunk” wrote:

>And no one seems to know how much they weigh.

Saved from krisholm.com, haven’t checked if it is still on there:

7005 Aluminum alloy, ovalized tubing, with brake mounts.
Weight: 679 g

(That’s for the KH24 Freeride)

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I want a KH 29. Put me on that list, too!

So what would be the fastest way of getting one of the aluminum frames? Uni.com? Darren? Uni.uk.com?

if money is no object then just next day air it from anyone of those locations. thats pretty fast.

but none of those sell JUST the frames:(

it souldnt be to hard to sell the wheel if you buy the whole thing. i’ll buy the Fusion seat

humm…Maybe i will buy one and sell off the rest.

the only parts i want are the pedals,frame, and rail adaptor.