05" KH parts

Is there anywhere 05" KH parts are availibe, like wheelset, frame? Even on kris’s catalog he dosn’t list spare parts. Let alone them being availible else where.

Have no fear, amigo.

People gonna be breakin’ stuff soon enough on their 05’s and theyre gonna need replacement parts. Don’t forget you can always call up Bedford or uni.com and ask.:smiley:

Never REALLY thought about calling someone ^^. I just love the KH frames ^^. I wonder if you could get an unpainted one. Sad part is unpainted would probably cost more then painted.

i asked about a KH 2005 frame only about 3 months ago and the answer was no.

Probably just trying to sell full uni’s, and make as much money possible for now, insted if indivudualizing parts, which I can’t blame them for, i’d do the same! Hell, everything but pedals, and tire, Is KH made. I just really wish there were more frame choices for us, I don’t like yuni’s much. And no one seems to know how much they weigh.

I asked darren about 2 weeks ago and he said it would be about a year and a half before parts come out.

Two ideas-

Call up uni.com and ask them to weigh the frame on their scale. I have done this before.
check out the uni.com UK website. Some weights are posted there, but I can’t remember if frames have weights.

I am planing on building up a muni for me, but i want the New KH frame, would anyone want to buy the wheel off me if i bought the whole uni?

Is it a 20" or 24"? If its a 20", I’ll buy it Evan!

There is another batch under production at the moment of KH’s. I will see if they can slip in some extra frames so the dealer can all have some to sell. It does look as if there is a demand.


SWEET !!! that would be sooooooo cool.

SWEET! If you can, i’ll buy!


put me down for one if you can get them.

my friend emailed unicycle.com (u.s.) and they said the frame would be available sometime in the spring of this year.

thats cool too.

i have a unpainted 05 kh 24" but it came like that because it was the prototype

Wana sell it?


Kris said the frame wouldn’t be available on it’s own for a year and a half.

I have all other parts in stock right now…

Seats - with and without handle,
Fusion seat covers,
New front handles,
Rear bumpers,
Rail adaptors with brake posts
Trials seat posts,
MUni seat posts with brake handle,
Hub and crank sets,
Rims - 19-24-29",
Maxxis trial tires,
Duro MUni tires,
Crank bolts, washers, threaded rings,

Bedford Unicycles has it all !!!
In stock ready to ship !!!

Just no frames.

I have everything for the 2004 models too !!!
except the frames.

Everything is listed at www.bedfordunicycles.ca


im sure there will be a new KH model out by then, hopefully going back to steel.


If you want a 2005 KH unicycle with a 2004 steel frame, I can do that. I have already done it for a
few people.

Others wanted the steel frame with the new wheel set as well.

Ready to ship if you have the need for another unicycle. A good reason to have another Jagur sale too.

Take it easy,