'05 DX tire

Ok, I have searched the threads and can’t find an exact answer. I just bought a 2005 torker DX 20". I would like to put a larger tire on it than the 2.125 that it comes with, but without having to replace the rim or anything like that. If I understand correctly, the new DX has a wider frame to accommodate a larger tire. I tried to email Torker but couldn’t. I would like to get a 2.5" trials tire something like the luna. I have read that the 2004 model came with a different size tire than needed for the Luna, but does the '05 come with a different one that might allow for the Luna? Any help is appreciated…(and yes, this is my first posting so thanks for the help).


No, a trials tire would not work, since trials tires fit only on special rims. These rims are designed to be used with the trials tires, and are smaller in diameter. You have one of the larger, true 20 inch rims. It would be too large for a trials tire.

Is there a tire larger than the 2.125 available in the US for the true 20" rim?

To my knowledge, the best you can do for a fatter tire for that rim is either a very slick Big Apple or a very agressive knobby Kenda Kinetics.

The 20" Kenda Kinetics and Big Apple are both 2.35"

Not to my knowledge. A trials tire is available for the 20 rim, but I’ve never seen one in the US. Me and my friends used to use the Maxxis Max Daddy though, and it was OK at 2.25 (methinks) and knobby.

Here There is a 2.20 trhat has a trialish tread on it, and a lower duro than most bmx tires. You aren’t going to find any bigger than that.

I believe Darren has the 20" 3.0 Fireball avaliable.

Jumpin Jack from Schwalbe (2.251)


I saw a “Chopper” at Walmart with a 20" x 3" Fireball like tire that has West Coast Choppers in white letters on it.

unicycle.uk.com sells a Onza Sticky Fingers 20"x2.4 Tyre that fits on a normal 20" BMX rim (not the funky 19" trials size rim). I don’t know where you can get it in the US, but it should be available somewhere. I don’t know if that tire will fit in the 2005 20" Torker DX frame.

Im in the same predicament.I do medium/heavy trials and street on that stupid k-rad 2.125 and im sick of it.

the 2005 kenda catolouge advertises a 20x2.35 k-rad,but its not on their website.

Is that an okay trials ish tire?im sure it would be better than what i’ve got.

I think there was a thread about someone(elmer?)converting a 20"dx into a true trials w/ a 19" rim and mod tire.I think he said itd cost around $150.


email Kenda for an answer- use the link on their website - they are really quick with their responses.