'04 Kris Holm 24"

Hey guys, I recently snagged an '04 KH for MUni and trials, to replace my old Torker LX (R.I.P.) which is now minus one crank. I found it on eBay, and got a really good deal on it ($300), but I can’t find that much information on it. I would like to know what kind of tire, rim, hub/cranks, seat, seatpost, etc. that it has, so if anyone has any information, could you please respond? Thanks.

If you read any of the info in the listing, you’d know it has an alex dx32 rim, a kris holm seat, kris holm hub/cranks, kris holm seat post/frame, and it has a 24x3" duro leopard tire.

No, you’re right. Duh. I’m way too tired. What I meant was (excluding the rim and tire and those other things in the list that sounded good at the time) what sort of hubs and seatposts and frames the '04s shipped with. I know the '03s had a heavier frame than the '05s, and I know the '04s don’t have as light a frame as the '05s, but is it the same as the '03’s frame? Also, does it have the Onza/KH hub that the '05s do, or is it an earlier generation? Finally, does it have the rails seatpost that the '05s do, or is it different? Sorry about being such an idiot…

The frame was pretty simlar to the '03, not the aluminium one that comes with the '05. It has the earlier generation Kh hub, but without the ankle catching protrusions on the cranks. It doesn’t have a rail seatpost, just a standard bolt on job. http://www.unicycle.co.uk/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=643 <-- this is an accurate description of it

Thanks. That’s exactly the sort of spec page I wanted.

hey there fellow Oregonian! you sould bring that up to Falls City somtime…

Hey, that item location is in Moscow, Idaho!

Is James potter selling it?

I might, if I can find Falls City on a map. I am a hardcore Oregonian (been to little places like French Glen and Drain), but I have to admit, I haven’t heard of Falls City before. Not that Creswell is a terribly cosmopolitan burg…

Nope, it’s a guy named Steve McGeehan, but some things seem to indicate that it’s his son’s uni.

Falls City is close to Dallas,its also about 45 minutes west from my house in Salem.

Oh, I see. One of those little clustered towns around Salem (BTW, I got my first and only speeding ticket in Turner. Apparently Turner cops are a lot like Coburg cops :roll_eyes: ).

I’m very happy w/my 04 KH 24.

Alright, it just came last night. The UPS guy didn’t deliver it 'til 7:30ish PM, though, so I didn’t get to ride it much. I grabbed the box, and headed over to halfbike’s house to put it together. First impressions:
Holy crap! This thing is a tank!
Wow, it’s good for hopping!
Dang, it’s way better than a Torker LX (go figure)
Holy crap! This thing is a tank!
Um, this seatpost is really short…
Man, it’s so beefy!
This is definitely the best MUni in my circle of uni-friends
Holy crap! This thing is a tank!

So halfbike and I went down to Seward Park, which was really hard, as the seatpost is far too short for me (and the eBay seller didn’t mention it), and it is difficult to ride. It’s still good for hopping, though, and I was all jumping off of picnic tables and benches, and stuff. It was awesome! Looking forward to MUni-ing with it soon.

When I got my KH 24" Freeride model 2005 and opend the box, I thougt: "WOOOOOOW what a wide rim :astonished: " and when it was put togetter I thougt: "SH*T what a beast :astonished: " and it is so nice made, expesely the colour rules.I love it:D