04 KH hub with 127 qu-ax cranks.

I bent my KH/onza cranks a while ago and I’m wanting to get the 04 KH hub with 127 qu-ax cranks (same setup as nimbus hopperly) and I have some questions.

  1. I have heard that it is a very strong combination, stronger than KH/onza cranks. How true is this?

  2. When the left crank is forward, is the pinch bolt facing up or down?

  3. Do the 127 cranks have bad nubs? If so, can they be de-nubbed like the 04 kh cranks?

Help would be much appreciated.

Luke Collalto

scrub question 2

man it is a really strong combination
i weight 85 kg and amy cranks and hub is really fine with drops

when the left crank is foward the pinch bolt is facing upwards

but i never hited my pinch bolt

I dont got the question 3

I used this crankset a while back, a couple of months ago. It was good, but ankle-biting was happening :(. But it’s no real problem if you can get ankleguards.

They are the only crankset out of the many Joe Hodges has used, that has never given him any trouble: no dents, no bending, no thread stripping, no snapping. And if a crankset can stand up to him, then that’s quite some feat. :wink:

Judging from that, it could be viewed as arguably the strongest tubular crankset.

But don’t get it confused with Qu-Ax’s 127mm cranks for THEIR OWN HUBS.

The KH-Quax 127mm crankset is incredibly tough.

Hold on. There is no KH-QUAX crankset that I am aware of. Do you mean Qu-ax cranks on the 04 KH hub?

Also, you’re saying that the QUAX cranks are strong, but the QUAX hubset isn’t as strong right?

I have thet 03 KH setup (which is basically the 04 but it still has nubs) and my setup has taken a horrendous beating both from me and other riders. Im 230lbs and its takien all ive dished out and its also take a couple of 5-6ft drops from other riders(owen kirby) I strongly recomend it.

i dont got ankle bitting on this set…

it was usually happenning but no more…

Yeah I meant the Qu-Ax 127mm cranks that are made to fit the KH04 hub, and not for the Qu-Ax hub itself, so I just shorten it down to KH-Quax for convenience.

What I’m saying is that the Qu-Ax cranks for the Qu-Ax hub, is not as strong as the Qu-Ax cranks for the KH04 hub. According to a few well known riders.

im not all that heavy(140) but I did a 6-6 1/2 foot drop on my DX and didn’t hurt it at all

And that has what to do with the Kh-Quax setup??