'04 KH hub/crankset.

i just got a 2004 Kh hub and crankset and i was wondering what you guys thought of this model. how does it compare to other setups(Qu-ax, Torker, K1) in terms of strength and durability. im a big guy (230lbs) so how big of drops could i safely do witha good roll out?

thansk in advance

p.s. pic below of an identicle model from UDC


your ankles will be bloody but it can take some good size drops4-5 feet safely

4-5 foot drops with a 230lbs person on it? :astonished:

and im getting them denubbed at the machine shop at school.

well i actally didnt think of the 230 lb thing but DONT denub them!!! the bolts will not fit then and it wont work

Your joints are likely to fail before the hub.

tholub was that a crack about my weight or was that a good thing about the hub?

and unijesse i have seen denubbed cranks that work great…you just need ne bolts.


(Seriously, I don’t think you’ll have any problems with it).

Ride them for a while first and see if the nubs get in your way. I have that hub and have never hit my ankles on them before.


i’m close to 200 pounds and i do 4-5 foot drops all the time on that crankset. a good rim and wheel build will help make your uni bomb proof. i’d imagine you could do 7-8 foot drops all the time no problem.

You can get the bolts from Darren for when you denub them, he is the only one I have heard of having them.

Yeah i used to run that in my Muni, it’s solid and i never caught my ankles on the nubs. I’m fairly large and rode hundreds of 2’ drops no problems, and some up to 4’. 8’ is pobably well within the capabilities of this hub with good technique. But let’s be honest, why are you asking what we think? You’ve already bought it, it’s a bit late now!

DENUB and get the crank bolts from Darren. He charged me $10 including shipping. It’s a good Hub/Crankset

ok im glad i invested in a good hub…id hate to spend the mpney and later find out that its not well suited for me…i paid $150CAD for the whole job:hub/cranks, wheelbuild, spokes and i get free adjustments for the first little while beacuse the brand new spokes are bound to loosen after so riding.


I rode those for a while and they will do you fine.

But I strongly suggest you start working on proper dropping technique. Not rolling out is just not a good idea. You’ll more easily hurt yourself and the uni, and you aren’t going ot be able to progress past maybe 4 foot drops. When you don’t roll out you can mess up and put stress on other parts too, seatpost, seatplates. frames etc.


Edit: Just saw this quote in another thread. Take it from the best: “The worst thing you can do on a unicycle when you land is stop dead.” – Kris Holm, world’s expert on high-consequence unicycling

yeah ive learned how to roll otu well ive done 2 foot drops on my cotterless and its held pretty well. before i learned how to roll out i was snapping seat plates like crackers…but now i havent broken one in a few months.

i dont think i have ever broken any unicycle equipment in my WHOLE LIFE!!! i cant see how you guys break so much stuff… geeezz

i think its a mix of hardcoring it and some improper technique…well at least thats what it was for me…believe me once you start to get really into it, pressing your equiptment to the max, you will break stuff too.

Guys complaining about the nubs:
If it really is the 04 crankset it wont have the nubs on it.

but the 03, 04 set does have nubs on it.

Thats true, it’s the '04 bolts you use with the denubbing.