'03 KH20 Trials unicycle

I’ve had this Trials unicycle for a long time, and I don’t really ride anymore.
It’s the first generation Kris Holm 20" Trials, with an orange frame (similar to the Summit trials uni).
It’s in decent condition, albeit quite worn. Paint is scratched, as is the handle and bumper on the saddle, the seat cover has a bit of a tear in it. The biggest problem is that the tread on the tire is very worn down, I only replaced it once in it’s lifetime. But it is still a great trials uni!
I upgraded the hub/crankset about four years ago to Profiles, and they’re still in good condition, but scratched up a bit.

I’m selling from North Idaho, asking $350 + shipping, or best offer.

here’s a few pics.

Sorry, but there is no way that this is worth $350. You might get $200 if you’re lucky;). Good luck.


is there a reason you are asking so much? maybe some upgrades or somthing you didnt mention:o

Basically I think he is asking so much because it has the profile hub/cranks.

This would be a really solid unicycle. Stronger than anything that is made today but also heavier.

$350 might be a tad high as you can get a pretty decent one for that new but he did say “or best offer” so if anyone is interested in a oldschool bombproof trials they could offer what they think it is worth.