0 Q-factor for those with penguin feet or pigeon toes?

hey all,

i’m currently thinking of swapping in the old alex/profile wheel for a new koxx/try-all one.

i have relatively flat feet, that tend to point slightly outwards. riding with profiles has always resulted in the nub of the crank tearing bits out of my forward-foot shoe. sometimes my ankles bump the nubs.

if i were to ride cranks with 0 Q-factor, will i continue this trend of bumping my forward shoe or ankle?


I had a huge problem hitting my DX crank nubs. I ground them off and it’s much less.

I rarely hit the nubs of my Qu-Ax cranks I have on my DX or the streight cranks on my freestyle.

Doing some stretching of my feet for a couple of min. just before a ride offen allows me keep my feet in the ideal spot on the pedals more comfortably w/o hitting the cranks.

thanks. i’ll keep stretching in mind.

now hopefully we can get some more opinions.

Doesn’t pigeon-toed mean you toes point inward? I don’t understand how that results in bumping the nubs with your ankles.

My toes point outward, and I have noticed that I tend to bump my heel on the nub at the axle connection of the old style KH Onza cranks much more than the KH Moments. Comparing the two cranks, they appear to have about the same Q, but the nubs stick out more on the Onza cranks.

I’ve never hit my ankles on my Koxx cranks, and I try to hit them sometimes. (pretending to be on a Schlumpf :p)

I think both moments and koxx trials cranks are pretty easy on your ankles. If anything I think more Q-factor would decrease your odds of hitting your ankles as you are standing further away from the axle.

yes, it means that they point inward. i wasn’t just talking about bumping nubs with ankles.

i ride profiles (going on four years), and wanted to know how the small Q-factor compares with (preferably) Koxx cranks. yes, one of my concerns is bumping either my shoe or my ankle, but that’s not one of my biggest. i merely included that to see if it was just the cranks, or if it’s due in part by the way i walk. i walk with my feet slightly out, probably because i don’t have much of an arch.

anyway, your comparison helps.

The less Q, the more rub, wether your toes point in or out.

I used to ride Nimbus X cranks (0 Q, like the koxx) and I rubbed WAY more than I do now with profiles. I actually rubbed the black off of the nimbus cranks. My toes point out a bit, I tend to rub the ankle cups my 661 shoes, and in fact am down to plastic only on both. The side of my foot also rubs occasionly. I’ll never go back to 0 Q factor for muni.

Kh cranks have never been a problem for me, i wear non-superfat skate shoes when i ride, but the DX cranks chipped bone in my ankle twice.

i’ve ridden (pinchy) QU-AX cranks as well, but not as much, they seem better than DX but worse than moments

that’s what i was thinking. looks like i’ll stick with the profiles, especially until the moment’s hub flanges are stronger.

i definitely need a new non-drilled trials rim. looks like i’ll have to wait until renegade get’s the try-all street back in stock.