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Best 24" trials tire

Hey everyone, I am trying to build a 24" trials uni wheel. I have a 24" try-all rim, and am now looking for a tire. I know... Most trials are 20". But being different is allowed, right?
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24" trials bikes are a tiny niche, but luckily there is a tire designed specifically for them by one of the best riders out there.

Check out the Continental Danny MacAskill Air King. It's pricey but probably the best bet for what you are looking for.

The Maxxis Holy Roller is probably another decent option.
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A 24" trials? Seriously?

I think I need to be educated on this, but I thought a "trials" unicycle is not so much the size, but the most maneuverable/controllable unicycle that you would use for a test or tournament. Right?

In which case, the smaller is always better.(down to a point and 19-20" seems to be optimum...don't go any smaller). Plus, having a bouncy 3" tire and frame to fit is another win win.

So, how can a 24" compete against a 20"? Does that mean you can do more tricks with this size better than if you were on the smaller? Hmmm...
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Originally Posted by slamdance View Post
I think I need to be educated on this, but I thought a "trials" unicycle is not so much the size, but the most maneuverable/controllable unicycle that you would use for a test or tournament. Right?
Not really right, so I guess you need to be educated on this. Trials unicycling is a discipline, that involves riding and jumping over obstacles. Similar to motorcycle or bicycle trials. See here for typical Trials riding. Not at all about tricks or style, just clearing obstacles without falling of.

A 19" is so widely accepted as the best choice for this, that they are typically referred to as "trials unicycles", although they are also used for flatland and street (not to be confused with road). Pure trials unicycles are usually set up slightly different than Street/Flatland unicycles, with 140mm cranks, metal pedals, and often higher seats.

In a competition any size is allowed, and being different is okay either way. Just means that no one really knows any good tires, since you are pretty much the only one using it. You will also be having some considerable disadvantages when it comes to tucking sidehops, but for street, Jacob Spera and Cedric Vincent prooved that 24" can be pretty cool.
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best 24, tire, trials

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