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Originally Posted by finnspin View Post
I've seen enough people learn on Trials unicycles to not consider 140mm cranks that a big of an issue.
I'm learning on a trials uni (19" rim with a Maxxis Creepy Crawler, 138mm cranks).
After a bit of fiddling with the height during the first week, I'm happy with it.
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The only difference i saw was a double seat post nut on the nimbus if i remember correctly..
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Originally Posted by gradymaci View Post
The only difference i saw was a double seat post nut on the nimbus if i remember correctly..
If you're sharing the unicycle, you might see if UDC offers the option of a quick release for the seat post clamp.

If you zoom in on the bearing caps, there's a bit of a difference in the engineering of the bearing caps/bolts...between the two models (and other unicycles as well). I doubt the difference is significant performance-wise.

For crank length, I would suggest 138mm (so the unicycle will remain a proper trials unicycle), or maybe 125mm as a second choice (my first 20" had 125mm cranks), but I would avoid 114mm for a while. I bought some 114 Venture cranks, tried them for a short time but found them to be incompatible with my oafish, inelegant style of riding.

Full disclosure, I am a weight weenie! The Athmos weighs in at a chunk-o-rific 13lbs. I think I would notice that after riding my 10 lb Equinox. Like swinging a heavier tennis racket. The Nimbus II is only 11.5 lbs, closer to what I'm used to.

Learning on the very cheapest piece of junk is a kind of badge of honor. johnfoss has described the poor quality of his first unicycle in several posts. Kind of gives you serious street-credibility...learning on a POS...and then gives you the permission to pick whichever premium unicycle you want as a second unicycle. Right now, you're looking at middle-of-the-road unicycles (the Athmos and Nimbus II). Good quality but heavier / steel frames. It's possible that, when you and your son succeed in learning to ride, you'll be drooling over more updated stuff. Just a thought.

I would give the same advice to someone learning purchase and learn to play the guitar. Buy a cheap classical guitar made by a reputable company, learn to play, then decide what kind of "nice" guitar you want.

Good luck!
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Well I decided on a Kris Holm 20 for me and the Impact Athmos for my son.Wainting on them to ship from Canada. Can't wait for the challenge to begin.. Thanks for all the imput..
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impact, newbiekh, post

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