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issues mounting my 24" duro leopard tire?

I have the dominator 2 24" rim, and the 24" duro tire. I CANNOT get it to sit correctly on rim. It wants to overhang almost. Anybody have recommendations, or know the issue im describing?
Thank you!
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Old 2018-12-28, 12:26 AM   #2
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It sounds like it is not seating itself. Some tires have a more difficult time getting centered on the rim, and in severe cases the one side of the tire sits so low in the rim that at the opposite side the tire is completely off the rim altogether.

The way forward is to inflate it so that the tube has form, and is just barely putting pressure against the tire. Then manually move the tire around until the bead is in the hook of the rim. Inflate a little bit more, and double check that the tire is still in the right place. At this point it should have enough pressure that it is holding to the rim. Inflate/check incrmentally until the tire is firmly held to the rim, and there is no chance of it coming off, or moving out of position.

You may hear a bit of a "pop" noise as you bring it up to pressure, and as long as you have done the rest in small increments it should be fine. The "pop" that you heard is just the last bit of bead finding its place in the rim.
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another trick I use when mounting tires is to lightly coat the tire bead with vaseline so the tire can shift into place smoothly and not drag on the rim
vaseline is petroleum based so it will just absorb into the tire
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Try to pump it in horizontal position instead of vertical
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When I was dealing with my 26 duro, I aired it up , emptied it, aired it up, emptied it, again and again, each time the tire came up more and more until it was all seated properly.
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The Duro Wildlife Leopard has a locking bead so fitting is slightly different to standard tyres.

  • Pump the tyre up to about 10 psi.
  • Check where the tyre is locked on to the rim and where it is not.
  • Place the wheel on the ground with an area not locked on to the rim facing the ground.
  • Secure the wheel using your feet or knees.
  • Grip the tyre at the area (where it is not locked on) and pull upwards/backwards. This should ease the tyre on to the bead.
  • Move around to the next area where it needs locking on.

You may find that the pressure is more or less than 10psi but it is soft enough to get the tyre moving on to the lock and not falling off afterwards.
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duro, issues mounting my 24, leopard, tire

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