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Originally Posted by pierrox View Post
I was looking for a place to ask for advice, instead of starting a new thread, and I came across something I had touched on earlier this year. It's linked for sure...

Been doing a lot of stretches to work on that, but there's still something I find myself doing when I get tired, or if it's not a great session, or I get into a stressful situation (traffic for instance): I don't sit even on the saddle. I can clearly feel that my right sitbone is fully seated, whereas my left one is not. It just doesn't feel fully in contact with the saddle. I'm trying to force it down, but it just doesn't want to. Any advice? Any exercices? On or off my uni?
It still never made any sense to me. Riding twisted disappeared for me just as suddenly and mysteriously as it appeared. I finally just gave up and tried to ignore it. After a while, I happened to notice it went away, and I was VERY happy about that. I honestly don't know why it started or stopped.

The only two things I can think of are a happy accident with a UPD and a huge increase in riding off road.

I had a pretty bad UPD where I fell flat on my back on a manhole cover while trying to jump up on it (it was elevated above the ground a few inches). Not only was I not injured, but it seems to have straitened my back quite a bit, and I felt really great afterwards. How weird is that? I didn't pay a lot of attention to it, but it seems that was around the time that I stopped riding twisted. Maybe my back was just really out of alignment. Just like you, I still don't sit even on the saddle, and I'm still doing everything else I did before when I was riding twisted.

The only other thing I could think of is that it also seems to have gone away after I started riding my muni off road a lot more. I was so concerned about just staying upright that I didn't pay any attention to whether or not I was riding twisted.

Hope you're able to figure it out. It drove me batsh*t crazy while it was going on.
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Pierrox, I will repeat myself but what I strongly recommend is to ride with both hands on the handlebars nearly 100% of the time.
Once you get the hang of it and you have ridden hundreds of km this way, you no longer feel twisted, even when you ride a handlebar free unicycle, except if there is a damned strong road camber of course.
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Hey Pascal,
I've been doing that too, but I still feel there's something more ingrained in my body, and I've been going back to the really basics to re-learn some stuff - as ElPuebloUnido suggested in another thread:

Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
If there's something slightly-off about your riding technique, I'm not sure that putting in more miles is going to change the problem, especially if that is a habit of riding; you may, instead, reinforce the problem.
So lately - also because weather hasn't been amazing - I've also practiced a lot in the garage under the building, with my 20". I can now circle around to the left in a 2 meters circle (6ft). And not surprisingly with what I wrote earlier, doing that to the right is in a much bigger circle, and not as confortable. All those exercices are improving my riding, so I'll keep doing them. As well as other "tricks" that I'm sure will help generally - different mounts, with my dominant foot, but also my weak foot, idling (dominant and weak), riding back, and so on.
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I've been riding lately with improving my posture in mind. I know I'm still twisted, after years of uni. But today I had the weirdest experience. After a couple of weeks only on my 29", one day I removed the shim I added to make the frame true. It didn't change my twisting problem but I'm getting better at it. This uni is very prone to road camber (or maybe it's me) but it turns very easily, thanks to its very "pointy" Big One tire. It turns so easily I can do a 10ft circle no problem.

And today I took the 36". Riding was awful. It seems that all the things I worked on with the 29" had the opposite effect. I felt physically more twisted to the left than ever, and yet I could not turn left (my favorite turn). I could only do right turns.

After an hour or so of an non-enjoyable ride - made worse by the heatwave - I went home. In the garage, I hopped on the 29", looking forward to a uni I can sort of master. Nothing worked. It took 10mn to be able to throw it in a turn like I use to be able to do.

Since I removed the shim and now have the wheel slightly with an angle, I wonder if the 36" is angled the other way. Anyway, that's just me looking for excuses to lower the frustration of still feeling like a beginner after 5 years of regular riding.

/End rant/
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You guys with twisting (riding) problems... Do you ride one sided or are you ambidextrous?
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bad, habit, riding, twisted

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