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Still looking for an off road tire for my Nimbus II

Hi all. A little while back I posted about how the Arrow Racing 2.5 tire just did not work on my Nimbus II---squirmy going straight and it just would not turn.

I'm trying to avoid wasting more money. Does anybody know if the Kenda K rad 2.3 would be a good choice for a unicycle? In pictures it looks like it has a rounded profile similar to the Kenda NJP 2.1, which comes stock.
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The Kenda K Rad 2.3 came on older Torker DX unicycles. It works well both on and off pavement and is easy to control, and lasts quite a while.
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Did you try your Arrow on a trail, or on pavement? A lot of the bigger heavier DH tires don't control well on pavement, and feel much better of road.

The Krad is more of a street tire with very closely spaced knobs in a checkerboard pattern, and a high durometer rubber compound. These things make it wear very well on pavement (high durometer), and grip pavement well (close knobs). Off road it will have problems with grip on uneven loose terrain, and where a DH tire will "stick" to the rocks, the Krad will slip. If you ride it on a wet/muddy trail it will pack with mud, and not shed very well.

I had a Kenda Kinetics 2.6 on my Onza, and that tire was used on the Torker DX for a while (maybe even still). I liked it for everything except that it wasn't the bounciest for getting good hops. I looked at the profile for the Arrow, and it looks like it may be even a little more rounded than the Kinetics.

It is hard to get a tire that crosses over from MUni to pavement without sacrificing a lot in one or the other. The best tire I've found that handles both with good performance is the Felt Berm Master, but it's a 3" tire so it probably won't work on the Nimbus2 frame. It has good performance, but it's not stellar for either. Still if I had one tire on one uni and wanted to use it for a variety of terrain it would be my go to tire.
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Thanks for the info so far. BTW, the space between the forks on my Nimbus II is 72 mm (2.8 inches).
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The Arrow tire did not work at all on the pavement, and was not much better on the trail. Although it is a 2.5, it was actually thinner than the stock 2.1 tire when mounted, and the profile was more square.
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The Kenda Stick-E is a good 24x2.5" tire:
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My Kinetics 2.6" has a squarish profile like that^ one. It's not the bounciest tire, but that means it absorbs bumps better. I don't think side clearance is an issue (my Arrow 3" is only 2.66" mounted on my DX rim), but outer diameter clearance you lack on that frame.

For me you need to ride a bit differently on dirt than on road. This may also be nessesary when going to a different uni or tire.

Try changing the air pressure. My uni befaved like you mentioned untill I lowered the air pressure. I'd run it as low as I could w/o getting pinch flats, w/ a heavy duty tube you could go a bit lower pressure than w/ a normal one (or go tuubless).
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What's next?

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