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35 Year UNIVERSARY in Copenhagen

We invite you to come to Denmark in May months and participate in the 35th year anniversary of The Roundtower UniRacer Rally.
Date 21 May 2016 at the Roundtower (Rundetňrn) inside Copenhagen.

Beat the world record: 1.44 by Jesper Andersen and Jaku Nielsen 2.03.9

Here is a short description of the event, which takes place every year:
The Roundtower UniRacer Rally Is a unicycle ride up and down on a spiral path inside The RoundTower (210 meter up/down) in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The Royal RoundTower UniRacer Rally 2011 will take place Saturday the 21 May 2011.
Call Jean : 65 96 80 20 / 91 66 60 11 or e-mail :
Jean Ascher will also be helpful with arranging eventual accommodation.
Address of Roundtower : K°bmagergade 52 A Copenhagen 1150 K.

The competition is to unicycle up and down without touching, falling or receiving help from anybody and the fastest male and female, irrespectively of age, are the winners.
Registration : Next to the Roundtower, same day, between 10-12 o'clock.
Price : 100 Dkr or app.$ 20 or 15 euro or 10 ú.
It is a demand that the participants are dressed up fancy, funny or freakish.
No sponsor clothes, without permission.

Participants are divided into various group ages : 0-9,10-12, 13-15, 16-18, adults..-up and out.
Each individual start within his/her group in succession to the time of registration.
Each individual start within his/her group with 15/30 seconds interval.
All starts are with electronic chips.

There are position app.between 18-20 judges all the way up and they record any irregularities.
The spiral path itself is app. one and a half meter wide for up-riding participants, and the same for down-riding participants.The length is 210 meter up and app. the same down... off cause this is all depending upon the route or more precisely on the state of mind in which the unirider is.
It is permissible til sing, ride with one foot, play flute, backward, blindfolded ect....

All participants must be dressed up or off .... the judges, particularly our old half senile, half genius unicycle freak, Initiator, activator, primus motor, originator ( in this sequence) and chairman from the only unicycle circus in the world, Circus ChangHigh...Doctor Chango alias Jean Arthur Ascher is very strict and keen to see to it, that the publicity (all the viewers inside and outside the RoundTower) get a extraordinary unique life experience into their mind, heart, soul and spirit.

Between 12 o'clock and 2 o'clock we take photographs, eat lunch ((warning : Eating can be haphazardly dangerous to your race position) but on the other wheel (read hand) not eating could cause you to faint before racing the top or in case of severe starvation could cause you to fall dead from a heart attack or stroke.) We warn you... participating is on your own risk.
Unicycle demands: 20" wheel and no chain or gearing. The lengths of crank arms is up to the rider.
The Unicycle Race starts app. precisely, somewhere around the fixed time which is set to 2 o'clock with horn blowing.

The doors to the RoundTower close and from now on and until the last unirider either pass the finish line or give up you are on your own....Good vibration and may the cosmic universal power and force be within you.

After, we gather outside and have fun,and as soon as the judges have calculated the results, we proclaim the winners.

Prizes: Best female and male in all categories: Fasted time, in each group, most original dress, most original unicycle. (Dress and unicycle must be in use under the race.)
The Royal RoundTower UniRacer Rally 2016 will take place Saturday the 21 of May 2016.
Everybody is welcome, the Royal Roundtower Unicycle Race is open for all mortals as well as immortals in the Grand Universe.

Jean Ascher
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Wow, I would love to go, but can't this time (again). I had the rare opportunity to ride up and down the Round Tower when I was Jean's guest, back in November 1983. At that time, I recorded a very fast time up and down, though with no judges, spectators or lines dividing the path. Something like 2:00? But also I was on my trusty 24". And dressed in normal, civilian clothes.

Great to hear this event is still going on! And greetings to Jean, who I have not seen since then. But I just recently put up one of my Cirkus Changhigh posters in the garage of my new house. Also, my car has always worn a shop sticker from Juno Cykler, even if that company no longer exists!
John Foss

"The miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have." -- Leonard Nimoy
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