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Question came up: Unicycle Messenger?

A couple of people have read about kids delivering the newspaper by unicycle. But the topic of unicycle messenger came up and I started to answer I was sure this had been done... I went on line and couldn't find any support for it, so I'm asking if anyone has seen any discussion about this happening.
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Piece Maker
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I saw a guy online a bit ago who does this - can't remember whether it was here or Facebook. His employer posted a pic of him on their page with something like 'our first uni messenger!'

It looks like fun!
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More than 40 years ago, I used to deliver newspapers by unicycle. It was far quicker than delivery by bike or on foot, as I seldom had to dismount/remount, and bags hung easily at my side making it easy to retrieve the next paper, fold it, then toss it on a porch. I used to also do grocery store runs by unicycle. I could easily carry a couple bags of groceries while riding. So, depending on the setting, I would think unicycle messenger delivery could work very well.
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Originally Posted by BenBrown View Post
I went on line and couldn't find any support for it, so I'm asking if anyone has seen any discussion about this happening.
If you really want to see a lack of support for it, try applying at a courier company with just a unicycle. The problem is that for the vast majority of deliveries, you just can't compete with a bicycle. In that business, just as it is in delivering pizzas, time is money. The more deliveries you can make, the more money you make. If you're really trying to make a living as a courier/messenger, you'll want whatever's fastest.

I never did that job myself, so I don't know what kind of advantages a unicycle might have over a bike at the point of delivery. Going up elevators or into small spaces? For those, a unicycle might be a plus...
John Foss

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Advantages of a unicycle are the ones RHankey alludes to - where you have lots of deliveries in a short distance so moving speed is less important than speed of stopping and starting and/or where you can usefully do something with your hands as you ride. The other obvious one is where you'd have to lock up a bicycle - you can either leave a uni unlocked for a short time, or take it with you in places you can't take a bike (I've done both). That's based on my experiences of using a unicycle for practical purposes. Though for me the main reason I often use one rather than a bike is that I just keep a uni in the back of my car so it's there ready for use (and I'm not riding far enough for a bike to have a big advantage), that and I tend to be riding through pedestrianised areas where a uni just fits in better (and I do enjoy the attention )

I'm not sure there is much is any courier work which really plays on those strengths - unless you want to be a newspaper delivery boy.
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