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Old 2005-08-24, 10:45 PM   #1
Hatchet man
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Lightbulb WARNING to Coker owners

Do NOT use air compressors to pump air into tires! Use hand/foot pumps instead. I am speaking from experiences after 5 blown tubes. Call it stupidity or learning experiences. This goes for 29" and the standard 36", I have blown them both! The last tire blow-out cause the bead of the tire to warp so now I had to order a new tire from unicycle.com GRRRRR! I had tried everything to save it but was of no use. Don't suffer the fate that I am in. I will have to wait a whole week without riding my Coker, I am so bummed!

So kids, just say NO to air compressors!
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Crash Tested
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Re: WARNING to Coker owners

Originally posted by leadpan
Call it stupidity or learning experiences
I always use my compressor to air up the tires on my unicycles (including my Coker with a 29" tube), bicycles, motorcycles and tow-behind inflatables for the boat and have NEVER had a "blow up"

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gauche rider
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I set my regulator to 1 or 2 psi above what I want in the tire then air it up. Although it takes longer because the last couple of psi are real slow to equalize (or try to), its very reliable.
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Old 2005-08-25, 02:21 AM   #4
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I only use an air compresser. Its a small weak one so I dont think I'm in much danger. I can see though using a large one with a large tank and a short hose it getting in to fast with the air maybe still compressed. I dont know though just a guess.
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Old 2005-08-25, 02:24 AM   #5
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Are you using a home compressor or gas station? Gas station compressors come directly off the compressor and will inflate the tube too fast and hard. It exploits all the weak spots in the tube, all the thin spots over stretch and pop. Inflate a tube at the gas station and then deflate it , you will see what I mean in the tube. Thin sections in the tube appear stretched out and thinner. A home compressor takes air off a tank and does not inflate the tube too fast or hard.
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coker, owners, warning

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