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road riding/seat height/bouncing balls...

Well like the title says, I've been mostly road riding on my 29 and have been trying to find the best seat height. My problem is when I get a good height for riding seated, I find myself bouncing on 'my boys' when I am out of the saddle riding up hills. So anyone else dealt with this?

My bike shorts keep things generally in order, but not always...
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Ever since I started using the KH Zero saddle this hasn't been a problem for me, even without cycle shorts. Before I got it I had a few uncomfortable seconds after mounting, trying to adjust. This lead to me not free mounting much...
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I have one pair of bike shorts that has this "jangly" problem when riding on rough terrain (when you're out of the seat). It's the shorts, in that case. Try a different pair of bike shorts if you have them, and see if you get different results.

I don't have that problem when going uphill, because for most non-seated climbing, the pedaling speed is relatively slow. Try the shorts first, and also play around with seat heights.
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Old 2017-01-09, 12:14 AM   #4
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Personally, I started wearing the bib type shorts for basically the same reason, except while muni'ing. The shorts that work best for me are about a half size too small making the shoulder straps really cinch things up. Would probable work with bibs that are sized right if you take an inch or two out of the straps. Not so small that they're unbearable to wear, but comfortably snug. Haven't really had a nut strike since I started wearing these.
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Bib shorts. They are padded shorts with straps over the shoulders. I also wear light cotton shorts over the lycra and keep these up with braces.
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Not a problem I've noticed, but then all my proper cycling shorts are bib shorts - which is what I'd wear if going on a ride rather than just messing around. I agree with the others that's likely to solve the problem.
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Location: Bellevue, WA
Age: 48
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I have about 4 different pairs of shorts, I'll give the smaller set a try and see if that helps. I never paid attention if this problem correlated to my shorts, it could be. If not I'll go down in height a bit.

I've been down the road on the kh zero, not a fan of that thing at all, shudder even thinking about it.

thanks for the replies.
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I just have the saddle a little bit lower than if it were on a bike, and adjust myself immediately after I mount. Never had a problem - although on hot days I take care that they don't swing into the spokes.
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balls, height or bouncing, riding or seat, road

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