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Originally Posted by RidingSKC View Post
LargeEddie, UniMyra, sukie47, LanceB, leafcutter, elpuebloUNIdo, Bradford, OorWullie, Engineer

Thank you all for your encouragements, I have since add on another 5 hours 1 hour a day, but still feeling not going anywhere, 2 days ago it feels like going back to square 1.

I was consistently managed gets to 1 METER, by surprise after trying for 200 times I managed One 2 METER, Oh my god !! I was so so happy

Then the next day am so focus on getting up to 2 meters and I have become tense and it has made it worst !!

So now I back to square 1… to the wall.

It just feels like it never never going to click !!!! Arrghh so so frustrating !!!

This is so far the hardest thing that ever learn in my life!!! I just feel like giving up….

yesterday, I notice my weight on my feet in concentrate on the heels rather than the ball of the foot "heel down" (Horse riding habit).
so I start to fix that by lifting my heel a little …I can't be sure that the problem, but it gets a little better, I will keep trying...

I also try the advice from elpuebloUNIdo the stepping forward, I will keep practising. I have not managed to mount yet, only stepping forward.

Engineer, you mention below, does it mean almost like chest aligned with the knees?

I feels like 1 step forward 2 steps back !!

Do you ever feel like go back a step? my target of 2 months - 50 meters is impossible
Whatever you do don't give up RidingSKC! I was there too with the 1 step forward and 2 steps back, and so were a lot of other unicyclists on this forum. I regressed many times myself. It was very frustrating making all this progress and then next thing you know you're almost right back to where you started. I remember going 10 meters one day unassisted then next day I could barely do 3 meters. Then finally I could do 10 meters again, then next thing I know I'm doing 25 meters, 50 meters, 200 meters and saying good bye to the long fence.

You will get there too, don't worry! Your patience and persistence will pay off and unicycling will soon feel like second nature to you.
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I'm going to add one little suggestion. In the interest of not contributing to the over-thinking many new unicyclists get bogged down in, I'm just going to say it.

Try to go a little bit faster.

Not a lot, just enough to remind you to be a little bit ahead of the wheel. This is based on watching the video clip you posted above.

Another thing you can try is changing the venue. The spot in your video is good, but if you have access to a driveway, or something with a slight downward slope, you might like it.
John Foss

"The miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have." -- Leonard Nimoy
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Try breathing out -honestly it works.

I tense up a lot when I get tired and can't get going again.
I found I was taking a deep breath and holding it in, tensing the stomach muscles and being unable to balance.

A golf relaxing technique worked for me, breathe out just before I set off.
The exhale drops my shoulders, relaxes and loosens the muscles, and helps with my first 3 pedals until l breathe in again.
By then I'm normally pedalling ok (for a few more yards anyway)
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